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Fix QuickBooks Error 176109 with the Help of QuickBooks Point of Sale Support

If we see today throughout the companies QuickBooks POS has been recognized as one of the most commonly adopted budgetary solution. Because it empowers the users to manage sales, customers and inventory effortlessly and quickly.  QuickBooks is the best accounting software to expand the business owing to its user-friendly nature, various useful features and its quick operation as well as different types of versions.

When we look from transactional operations to payroll administration, the software product’s point of sale features are not only easy but precise. Obviously there are so many examples where specialized issues arise to cause problems with the smooth operation of the software. One of such error is the QuickBooks error 176109.This error happens whenever the users try to register or access QuickBooks. The other explanation for the error to happen is when the infected file is stored in the Point of Sale Entitlement folder. the  Windows make use of  this QuickBooks error code 176109 formats which implies that the authentication files are either missing or is corrupted. In this article we will discuss the:

  • What is QuickBooks error 176109
  • Reasons for the occurrence of Error 176109
  • Ways to resolve the QuickBooks Error 176109

You can Call QuickBooks point of sale support to find out about the error and its repercussions and also about the ways to resolve the error and our experts will assist you.

Let us know what QuickBooks Error 176109 is all about.

So what actually the QuickBooks error code 176109 is? This is an error that can affect your files and the QuickBooks Error 176109 is linked to Invalid product number. This error occurs whenever you try to open the Point of sale on the QuickBooks. The QuickBooks software requires access to publish and write the file without interruption.

The causes behind the occurrence of the QuickBooks – Invalid Product Number Error.

Below we have discussed all the possible causes that trigger the error to happen so go through the all the reasons for the error:

  • In case the QuickBooks Point of Sale Entitlement folder content is incomplete or corrupted the error can occur.
  • If the user has no administrative authorization to access QuickBooks files that leads to the error.
  • If the QuickBooks Point of sale is installed then you will require the product number or the code and in case that is wrong, then the Invalid Product Code Error will appear.

Effective ways to troubleshoot the Error 176109 – QuickBooks Invalid Product Number

once you are aware of the potential causes of the error the next step is to fix those issues.beow we have mentioned some effective ways to get rid of the error. So follow the steps properly as stated below:

Solution 1: remove  the Content of the Entitlement Clients Folder

The procedure is listed below:

  • At first Use the Window Explorer then follow the C:\Program\Data\Intuit\Client Entitlement client/v8.
  • Then Press Ctrl+A on the keyboard, and then choose all files.
  • After that tap the Delete button.
  • Now, tap yes to validate the operation.
  • Then, Open the QuickBooks point of sale and once again register the application.


Solution 2: Rename the WS Activity File

The procedure for renaming the WS operation file is listed below, so have a look at it:

  • You should use the Window Explorer first, and afterwards follow the C:\Program\Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of sale XX\Ini direction.
  • After that right-click on the WS Activity.
  • Then select to rename.
  • Now, enter the old WS Activity, and then press anywhere to save it.
  • After that close all the Windows.
  • Then Delete the entitlement folder.
  • After that once again install the QuickBooks Point of sale.

Solution 3: perform a Clean Install of the QuickBooks Point of Sale

In case the problem still persists then you can carry out the clean install process and to do so make sure to create a backup file so that the data is not lost. Given below  are the steps to reinstall the QuickBooks point of sale:

Step 1: to begin Uninstall the QuickBooks point of sale

  • • At first goes to the Control Panel.
  • • Then Tap the Program and Features option there.
  • • Then from the list choose the QuickBooks Point of sale.
  • • After that press the Uninstall button.
  • Then Follow the prompts to finish the procedure.

Step 2: Rename the Point of Sales Folders

  • • rename all the OLD point of sale folder that can interrupt QuickBooks from accessing the folder in order to build the new.

Step 3: Reinstall the QuickBooks Point of Sale

Follow all the mentioned steps to reinstall the QuickBooks Point of sale and that will help you to get rid of the QuickBooks POS Invalid product number issue. However, if you face any problem you can call our pos support.

Step 4: Restore QuickBooks Company Files  

Follow the steps mentioned below properly to restore QuickBooks:

  • You must at first open the QuickBooks Point of sale and then create a new company file and after that create a restore backup.

After that you need to open the point of sale to check whether or not the problem has been fixed.

  • Finally once again register the QuickBooks Point of Sale.


We really hope that the above article will be a help to you. You can successfully get rid of the QuickBooks invalid product number error with the methods mentioned above. However if you still have some query or In case, the above-mentioned solutions don’t work, feel free to contact us on QuickBooks POS Support. You can also send us a mail at support@quickbooksupport.net. You can stay in touch with our experts available all round the clock and available geographically. With the constant support QuickBooks POS Support, you may feel tension free while you are on a run to QuickBooks. You can also visit @ www.quickbooksupport.net

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