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Contact QuickBooks Help @ 1-800-731-1629 for information on Installing QuickBooks Database Server Manager

The most generic software in today’s accounting world is QuickBooks planned and developed by Intuit. There are numerous amount of accounting service providers available in market but we always look for the one which is compatible, reliable, last but not the least affordable and manageable. QuickBooks Database Server Manager avails you to share your company files with other PC’s above your network. It also allows us to help you to keep an eye on your multi-user network. Whenever you are setting up a network, you need to have QuickBooks Database Server Manager installed on your computer so that users can access your company files or folders.

To get started with QuickBooks Database server Manager you must follow all steps sequentially.

Method 1: Download Database Server Manager

As DBSM Database Server Manager is most important part of the QuickBooks Desktop file, if you have not downloaded QuickBooks Desktop make sure to download it carefully.

Method 2: Proceed to Installation of Database Server Manager

First Install Database Server Manager on your server computer which hosts your company files.

  • Click on Close all programs on your server computer, including QuickBooks.
  • Then open the installation file you downloaded which is also known as Setup_QuickBooks.exe.
  • If at all you are searching for your product or license numbers follow QuickBooks Support.
  • When QuickBooks will ask you to select an installation type, click on Custom or Network Options.
  • Then choose next.

Select the best option for your network setup and then click on Next. Both the options will install the Database Server Manager. When QuickBooks Desktop is already installed on your computer follow these steps.

    • If you want Database Server Manager and QuickBooks Desktop on your server computer, click on “I’ll be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer, AND I’ll be storing” We strongly suggest this alternative.
    • If in case you want Database Server Manager on your server computer, then click on I will NOT be using QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 3: Set your firewall permissions

Verify if you haven’t already checked your firewall and antivirus authentications. Be assure you give access to Database Server Manager permissions to run on your server computer.

Method 4: Updation of Database Server Manager

In this step you do not have to do anything as Database server Manager will automatically gets updated whenever you will update your QuickBooks Desktop.

We really hope that this post managed to install QuickBooks Database server manager on your own for advanced functioning. Our technical team will make sure to find out more such related articles you come across. If you still face any kind of issue related to this error feel free to contact QuickBooks Customer Care Support @ 1-800-731-1629 as our support team is available 24X7 or you can directly mail us at support@quickbooksupport.net.

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