What Is QuickBooks Point of Sale ?

QuickBooks Point of Sale is multi-purpose software which delivers the facilities of managing sales, customers and inventory information to the users successfully. It is developed by Intuit to boost the growth of a business. It is available in two versions: The Basic and The Pro, in compliance with business requirements. The important purpose of its features is to retain the customer’s loyalty and to persuade repeated sales of particular items in which customers are interested. It is possible because POS keeps the track of previous purchases done by customers and understands their purchasing behavior.

How QuickBooks POS Works?

QuickBooks POS Desktop software is a comprehensive package for users as it is designed to deal with all the essential tasks of any business.

  • Extensively featured Desktop Point of Sale System
  • Handles sales, inventory and customer tracking
  • Reduce time with multi-tasking, categorizing, and alternatives methods
  • Easy processing of credit card with QuickBooks Payments
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Desktop
  • Adaptable to manage large, multi-location retailers

Why Integrate QuickBooks Desktop with POS?

Welcome Various Payment Modes

It is an ultimate solution for diverse payment modes. It allows users to accept payment through credit cards, debit card, etc. It is recommended for users to use POS as users can receive payment in any form and do not require denying any payment from customers due to unavailability of accepting different payment modes.

Make Sales through Ring Sales

Ring sales have brought a great opportunity for a user as it is accessible in two ways: Using Barcode Scanner and Manual entry of names and figures using a PC or tablet. A user can know its customer better by adding customer’s information which can be further utilized for availing discounts, exchanges, gift cards etc. It develops an excellent CRM between user and customer.

Manage and Track Inventory

It is important to always be updated with available inventory for a business. But, it is a tedious job to keep a track of it. Therefore, POS is an ideal solution as it has changed the way of tracking inventory. Inventory information is updated automatically with each and every transaction and gives a reminder to you to reorder when the stick is going to exhaust.

Synchronize With QuickBooks Desktop

Double entries of data are reduced or eliminated when POS synchronizes with QuickBooks Desktop. This process is painless for a user as it reduces error and saves time by multi-tasking, sorting, and shortcuts.

Technical Details
Devices Supported

MAC, iPhone/iPad



Customer Types

1 Small-sized Business

2 Medium-sized Business

3 Large-sized Business

Benefits of QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS has simplified basic tasks as it is user-friendly software. It automatically updates the inventory with every transaction and also manages customer’s information to retain the loyalty towards the user. It has significantly created a difference in experience of employees and customers. Due to this, satisfaction level has increased. Some additional hardware features like bar-code scanners and receipt printers are compatible with POS which offers numerous advantages to different sized businesses.

If you are looking for more information, you can call Quickbooks Point of Sale Support Number @ 1 (877) 277 2303. Also, you can contact us to get your query solved instantly.