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We’ll tell you in this article on how to receive inventory in the QuickBooks Desktop. You must be familiar with the QuickBooks Desktop login protocol before obtaining inventory with or without QuickBooks Desktop. Then go through the steps to fix it right now if you face mistakes.

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If you have registered the order, QuickBooks Desktop allows you to collect inventory with or without a charge. The recording of the inventory obtained and the associated inventory, if any, updates the quantity on each individual item at the same time and is payable to the seller.

Different strategies for obtaining inventory in the QuickBooks desktop

O How to use a bill to obtain inventory

  • Receive inventory for Windows with a bill
  • Receive Inventory with for Mac with a Bill

O How to acquire stock without a bill

  • Receive inventory for Windows without a bill
  • Receive Inventory for Mac  without a  Bill
  • final words

Different approaches in the QuickBooks Desktop for obtaining inventory

When to use a Bill to obtain inventory

Here in QuickBooks Desktop, you can learn how to collect inventory with a bill. If you have obtained the goods and the associated bills for them, we recommend you use this option. You need to follow different measures on both Windows and Mac to execute the same procedure when you obtain inventory with a bill on the QB desktop,

Receive inventory for a Windows with a Bill

Click on the Receive Inventory from the drop-down menu in the first stage and then pick the Receive Inventory with Bill by scrolling up or down.

You can see in the Join Bills window:

  • Pick the vendor name from the drop-down menu.
  • You have to pick the Yes option to receive the purchase order for the bill.
  • Examine the material on the bill then. It is mandatory to review all the material contained in the bill.

Note: Please remember that any fields filled in on the PO are carried over to the bill instead of the Memo field.

  • Click on the Save and Close button at the end to finish it.
  • When you are prepared to pay the bills, pay the bills immediately.

Receive Inventory for Mac with a Bill

Visit the Vendors to launch, and then click the Receive Items option

Note: You can also enter a bill by using a Transaction Hub,

  • Now you have to input the name, amount due, date, reference number, and payment terms of the vendor manually.
  • (This is an optional field) Now submit a bill memo and the memo you enter will be viewed on the bills specifying reports.
  • Click on the tab for Products
  • Are you interested in drafting a buying order for the items? You have two choices in this: either goes with the alternative yes other No.
  • Yes: Sales orders containing the object you are obtaining must be picked. Then press on the OK option until you are able to pick it.
  • No: In the Information area join the objects, it is only for editing the appropriate modifications.
  • You must pick the Expenses tab to join the mailing costs or taxes.
  • Ultimately, simply press the Save button


How to receive inventory without a bill

  • From here, on QuickBooks Desktop, you can know how to get inventory without a charge. If you have obtained the goods and the seller has not yet given the bills for them, we suggest you use this option. This adds to item receipts that increase both the account for inventory reserves and the account payable.
  • If you obtain inventory on the QB Desktop without a charge, you are expected to adhere to the different steps for the same operation on both Windows and Mac.

Receive inventory for Windows without a bill

  • To begin, press Receive Inventory from the drop-down menu, and afterwards scroll up or down to pick Receive Inventory without a Bill.
  • You can see in the Enter Bills window:
  • Select the name of the vendor from the drop-down menu.
  • You have to pick the Yes option to receive the purchase order for the bill.
  • Choose the right PO and then click on the alternative OK
  • Check the details on the object receipt now. You must review the information placed within the receipts of the item.

Note: Please remember that any fields filled in on the PO are passed to the object receipts instead of the Memo field.

  • Click on the Save and Close button at the end to finish it.
  • You have to move to entering bills against inventory until you collect the inventory bill.

Receive Inventory for Mac without a Bill

You have to follow two basic measures to obtain inventory without a Mac bill. Below, these steps are defined:

Stage 1: Making a receipt for an item

  • Visit the Vendors initially, then press on the Receive Products button
  • You then have to pick New on the left panel or the alternative plus sign (+) would get it by scrolling down the row.
  • after that Choose the vendor ‘s name
  • Have you ever written an order of procurement for the orders? You have two choices to do this: either go with option Yes or option No. Check out the overview described below to continue with some of the choices.
  • Yes: Pick the purchasing orders that include the items you are getting, and then press the button OK.
  • No: Place the things in the detailed area and then make the appropriate adjustments and do it.
  • Ultimately, just click the save option and maintain all the improvements you’ve made previously.

Stage 2: After acquiring the items, enter a bill

  • To start, you need to reach out to the suppliers and then click on the Enter Obtained Products Bill
  • Enter the vendor name manually now, and then pick the tab
  • When you are able to change things in the date and sum of the payment, do so if appropriate to continue with the new bill otherwise.
  • If you wish to do so, pick the Expenses tab to enter the mailing costs and all the taxes. It is an optional step.
  • Join the vendor ‘s products now
  • Make sure that the amount owed is equal to the amount stated on the bill. If both amounts differ or change, then select the option of Recall.

As mentioned in one of our articles, receiving inventory in QB Desktop is a component within the workflows (A / P) of Account Payables. If you have any interest in hearing about a full list of workflows and other transactions connected to the provider, then check out the article and get us effective information.


Hope you find this article helpful for fixing your question in the QuickBooks Desktop focused on receiving inventory. You would be able to obtain inventories with or without a QuickBooks Desktop bill by reading our post. But, if you’re worried about following all of the steps manually or you’re stuck with the steps, then we have error assistance systems for you. Keep in touch with our QuickBooks Desktop Support Number to repair your QuickBooks Desktop errors and our experts will assist you. You can also meet us at (support@quickbookssupport.net) by writing to us. To get more information about QuickBooks, you can also visit our website at www.quickbooksupport.net.

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