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Call to Create an Invoice in QuickBooks Desktop

Invoices are been used to record sales transactions from customers who don’t continue with partial payments during time of sale. Invoices allow us to record all your account receivable. QuickBooks Customer Support allows you to easily create and manage invoices in QuickBooks Desktop. There are different ways to create an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop:

To create an invoice from Beginning

If at all there is no need to of creating sales order, estimates then Account Receivable workflows gets started from creating an invoice. Follow the below mentioned steps carefully:

  • In the Home screen page, in the Lists menu
  • Click on Item List
  • Right click on screen, Choose New
  • Choose the Type in drop down menu, then click on Discount
  • Type an item name or item number and a short Description
  • Type the discounted amount or discounted percentage in Amount or % field.
  • Select the income account you want to use to record the discounts you gave to customers
  • Click on Tax code
  • Choose OK
  • Click on Save and Close

To create an Invoice for Sales order

There are two ways to create an invoice if at all you generated a sales order and you have filled the complete information. Then follow the onscreen steps to overcome:

In Sales Order window

  • In Sales order tab, click on create invoice
  • Select the prompt box, that is displayed:
    • Select Create invoice for all of the sales order(s) to add all items from the sales order to the invoice.
    • Select Create invoice for selected items if you want to put only some of the items on the invoice.
  • Modify the required changes in the Invoice.
  •  Click on Save & Close.

In Invoice window

  • On the QuickBooks Home Screen, in Customer menu, choose Create Invoices
  • On the Customer : Job drop down menu choose a customer or customer job
  • Select one or more sale order which is containing the items that you wanted to include in invoice.
  • Modify all the necessary changes in invoice
  • Click on Save and Close

How to Create an Invoice for Estimate

QuickBooks Customer Support also avails you with the facility to create an invoice for estimate. When customer has approved your estimate and decided to pay a fixed amount; you can easily modify the entire estimate into an invoice.

From the Estimate window

  • Open the accurate estimate.
  • Click on Create Invoice on the top of the Estimate form.
  • If progress invoicing is turned on. Mention all details what all you want to include
  • When the invoice is displayed, edit the information as required.
  • Click on Save & Close.

From the Invoice window

  • In the QuickBooks Home screen or the Customer menu, choose Create Invoices.
  • On the Customer: Job drop-down, click onto a customer or customer job. The available Estimates window displays.
  • Select the entire estimate you want to include in the invoice.
  • When the invoice displays, modify the information as required.
  • Click on Save & Close.

To make your accounting bug free, QuickBooks Customer Support always put on their best efforts to do so. Thus, if you are facing any kind of hurdle feel free to contact QuickBooks Customer Support @ 1-800-731-1629 or you can also send us an email at support@quickbooksupport.net.

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