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To Filter, Sort or Total Report by Class with QuickBooks Support USA

You must have the knowledge of class but do you really have the knowledge of filtering by class or getting total by class. Classes and sub classes are some add on to classify data in QuickBooks Desktop. There could be various possible situations for adding subclass.

If the transactions you are thinking has displayed only unclassified transactions:

If your profit and loss report displays amount under the unclassified column, and you are thinking to assign the exact class to unclassified transactions, go for the methods listed below and try the one who is meeting your requirements:

Method 1: Click on each individual amount so that transaction can be opened and then categorize it

Method 2: Make a run to report displaying only unclassified transactions

  • Double click on Net Income so that Transaction Detail by Report can be opened
  • Review the report if you are not able to classify it

When Profit and Loss Report Showing Sub Classes

If you are assigning the same class to all other sub classes, you might require Profit and Loss report displaying the same class.

  • In the Profit & Loss by Class report.
  • Click on the Customize Report, then move to the Filters tab.
  • In the Filter list, click on Class, then choose Multiple Classes.
  • Choose only the Subclasses you want to have in the report.
  • Click on OK. The report will be inclusive of the Total column for Class 1 and Class 2 and Class 3.
  • Export the report to application where you want to open this
  • Delete the Class Total columns.
  • Regenerate the TOTAL column.

If you are thinking to apply the filter to generate the report : 

  • Delete the filter applied to account.
  • Delete the Name filter.
  • Do not change the Paid Status filter.
  • Add the Transaction Type filter, then from the Transaction Type drop-down menu, click on Bill.
  • Add the Detail Level filter and apply it to All except summary.
  • Click on OK.

The report is displayed the target data from the bills you have opened and you can sort the report by Class.

If you are not able to perform this you can simply call QuickBooks Support USA

How to Open Account receivable by Class

  • In the Reports menu, click on Custom Reports and then choose Transaction Detail.
  • Choose the Total By drop-down menu, then click on Class.
  • In the Filter tab, click on any filters:

Account = All Accounts Receivable

Name = All customer/jobs

Paid Status = Open

  • Choose the Header/Footer tab, then modify the report title as required.
  • Click on OK to run the report, where accounts receivable transactions will be displayed, total by class.
  • Select Memorize to save this report for future reference

Hope, you might have got the result, if still you are stuck you may contact us at QuickBooks Support USA @ 1-800-731-1629 and you can also drop a mail to us at support@quickbooksupport.net.

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