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Resolve QuickBooks Error 1712 with the help of QuickBooks Helpline Number

If your Windows has registry errors or some background operation is obstructing QuickBooks installation, you may get quickbooks error 1712 if it’s your first time installing QuickBooks or you’re doing a routine update of your QuickBooks edition. If you’ve already encountered this bug, this article will walk you through a step-by-step troubleshooting procedure. You’ll also learn what other factors cause QuickBooks installer to show QuickBooks error 1712 on the user’s screen, so you can avoid running into this problem in the future. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to follow the troubleshooting measures outlined in this post, call QuickBooks error support number for assistance and our professionals will guide you.

What tends to happen once QuickBooks Error 1712 Occurs?

Error 1712 is a Windows installation error that occurs when QuickBooks Desktop is installed. When a user experiences this sort of installation error, the installation process abruptly ends, and the user is greeted with the message “We’re sorry!” Everything went wrong during the installation process. 1712 is an error code. One or more of the files required to restore your machine to its previous state is missing. It would be impossible to restore.” You’ll also get a Troubleshoot Error connection with this error message, which a user can use to get debugging guidance.

Some of the potential causes that can trigger the QuickBooks error 1712.

The following is a list of possible causes for QuickBooks Error 1712:

  • You have another version of QuickBooks installed on your device, which is interfering with the installation of every other QuickBooks version.
  • There are registry bugs in Windows.
  • The account you use to log in to Windows does not have administrative permissions for the installation.
  • The most recent updates for Windows are not installed.

Restarting Windows and performing a clean installation of QuickBooks with the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool usually fixes the issue and eliminates error 1712 from the programme, but if you’ve already attempted these steps, continue with the bug fixes below.

 Methods to resolve the  QuickBooks Desktop Error 1712
Step 1: Make a new Windows user account with administrative privileges.
For specific instructions on creating or adding a user with administrator rights on Windows, see our article How to Create or Add a User with Administrator Rights on Windows.
Step 2: Download and install the most recent Windows updates.
For the users of Windows 10
●      Type Settings into the Windows key.
●      Choose Update and Security, then Windows Update from the drop-down menu.
●      Check for updates by clicking the Check for Updates button.
●      Click Restart Now, and the machine will restart, and the updates will begin to load.
For Windows 8 users
  • Tap Settings on the right side of the desktop with your mouse.
  • Choose Update and Recovery from the Change PC settings menu.
  • Tap Check Now after selecting Windows Update.
  • If you see that there are any updates available, click View Details.
  • Choose KB 2919355 from the list of update files and click Install.
  • If requested, enter the Windows administrator password as well as restart the machine once the installation is finished.

For Windows 7 users

  • Pick the Control Panel from the Start menu on your screen.
  • Select Windows Update from the System and Security menu.
  • Then, go to Check for Updates and, if any are available, select Update Now.
  • Restart the computer after Windows has finished installing the updates.

NOTE: See the article “How to Update Windows” for more information about how to update Windows. After the updates have been enabled, restart your machine and try installing QuickBooks again. If the error 1712 persists, proceed to the next stage in the troubleshooting process.

Step 3: Use Program to Repair Windows Registry Errors Troubleshooter can be installed and uninstalled.

  • The Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter from Microsoft can be downloaded.
  • Double-click the Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall.meta file on your computer’s downloads folder.
  • On the programme window, select the Advanced option.
  • Check the box that indicates “Automatically apply corrections” and afterwards click Next.
  • Pick QuickBooks from the list of programmes under Installing.
  • To finish the repair operation, tap Next and afterwards obey the on-screen directions.
  • After you’ve completed the repair, try reinstalling QuickBooks, and if the problem continues, move on to the next troubleshooting process.

Step 4: Perform a Quick Fix  My Program Utility.

Quick Fix My Program is a QuickBooks Tool Hub-integrated tool for troubleshooting common installation issues.

  • QuickBooks Tool Hub is available for download.
  • Use the setup file from the downloads to get started.
  • Select Yes to accept the License Agreement.
  • On the Installation Wizard pane, pick a place for the application to be installed by clicking Next.
  • After that, press Finish and use the Desktop icon to launch the programme.
  • Select Quick Fix My Program from the Program Problems list.
  • Review if the error has been fixed by reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop.

Final thoughts

Consider installing QuickBooks again after Windows Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter has finished fixing the QuickBooks installer, however if you get QuickBooks Error 1712, you may need to seek assistance from an IT professional. Installers are complex software, and any small bug in Windows or missing parts can cause errors. We recommend calling our QuickBooks Support Number to speak with one of our experts.  You can also email us at if you have any questions. Visit for further updates on QuickBooks.

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