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QuickBooks support number


QuickBooks is a highly efficient and immensely popular accounting software that is owned by Intuit. It helps small to medium-sized businesses automate, streamline and simplify their accounting and bookkeeping processes.

This excellent software offers several versions to meet the accounting needs of small to medium sized businesses.All the versions of QuickBooks offer tools that can efficiently manage every routine accounting task. Additionally, there are more advanced versions which provide many more beneficial features that enable a user to set prices, manage contractors and track inventory.

QuickBooks has been developed in a way that its versions cater to a diverse range of accounting processes. Itsonline accounting software has a level for freelancers which iscalled QuickBooks Self-Employed and four levels for small businesses. These four levels range from simple to advance.

QuickBooks also offers two desktop versions. These are called Pro and Premier which are meant for one to five users. There is a desktop version called Enterprise which can manage efficiently thirty users and up to a million customers, vendors, and inventory items.

QuickBooks' Types

QuickBooks Online Self-Employed

This version has been designed for freelancers. It allows the user to track income and expenses, track miles, organize receipts, run basic reports, estimate taxes, generate client’s invoice and accept payments. Its downside is, if a user starts with this version, he cannot upgrade it.

A user needs to start with one of the business software versionsto be able to upgrade to a different plan.

QuickBooks Online Simple Start

This version of QuickBooks has been designed for small businesses and sole proprietors. It allows its user to upgrade easily to other QuickBooks’ versions as and when he needs to do so, depending on his business’ growth. It has all the features of the self-employed version. Additionally, it offers features that let the user manage 1099 contractors, send estimates as well as track sales and sales tax.

QuickBooks Online Essentials

This is the next level of this online software. It has the features that form an integral part of the“Self-Employed” and the“Simple Start” versions. Apart from that, it offers additional features that enable the user to track time, manage bills and include three users.

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QuickBooks Online Plus

This is the third level of this online software. It includes all the features that are there in the previous versions. It provides extra features which allow the user to track inventory as well as project profitability and allows the inclusion of five users.

QuickBooks Online Advanced

It is an advanced level of this software and provides all the features that are included in the previous three versions. Additionally, the user can use it to pay bills,accelerate invoicing, experience smart reportingand create custom fields and custom user permissions as well as to receive priority customer service and training.

All the online plans include a thirty day free trail, app integration, payroll add-ons, along with customer support that is accessible through tutorials and online resources.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Pro Plus and Mac

QuickBooks’ desktop versions are installed on the user’s computer instead of being available for online access. These don't include software updates unless the user pays for the Plus version. For the Plus version a user is required to pay a yearly subscription fee.

Desktop Pro can be availed at a one-time payment. It lets the user track inventory, sales and sales tax, income and expenses, manage bills and accounts payable as well as send invoices.

Desktop Pro Plus is available for a yearly fee. It has all the features that have been mentioned previously. Additionally, it offers unlimited customer support, access to software updates and data backup and recovery facility.

QuickBooks for Mac is similar to Pro. It includes features that are optimized for the Mac platform.

Pro and Pro Plus, both, lets the user export to Excel as well as enables integration with Outlook. Mac enables export to Apple Numbers software.

QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Premier Plus

QuickBooks Desktop Premier software can be availed at a one-time payment. It provides all the features of QuickBooks Pro along with some other beneficial features such as the ability to view industry-specific reports, track costs for products and inventory, create sales orders, customize inventory reports and it supports up to five users.

Unlimited customer support, automated data backup and recovery as well as access to the latest software updates are a part of the Premier Plus version.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is undoubtedly the most powerful version of QuickBooks. It is designed to cater to medium to large businesses. It serves the needs of those businesses in particular that are expanding to multiple locations. Enterprise edition offers all the features ofQuickBooks Premier with some enhancements to those features. It tracks up to a million inventory items, customers and vendors, automates pricing rules, offers priority customer service as well as advanced inventory and fulfillment tools and supports up to thirty users.

The Enterprise edition is the most expensive QuickBooks software solution. The company’s confidence in its product is reflected in the fact that it offers a full refund within 60 days, for anyone who is dissatisfied with the product’s performance.

Live Bookkeeping

QuickBooks also offers an option for live bookkeeping. This service provides a certified bookkeeper. This certified bookkeeper sets up and reviews the user’s books and charges a monthly fee for it. Live Bookkeeping can be availed with QuickBooks Online plans.

Avail the benefits of QuickBooks Support

Every software is meant to expedite the user’s work and increase his productivity. QuickBooks has been an exceptionally powerful and popular software as it fulfils this need. But there are those rare occasions when a user’s work gets hampered when he faces a technical issue while using QuickBooks. This is where QuickBooks Support Team takes charge of the issue and resolves it swiftly, as soon as the user seeks QuickBooks Support Team’s expert assistance.

Our support professionals are available round the clock and are always ready toprovide exceptional quality of service, in order to ensure the swiftest resolution of every challenging technical issue faced by QuickBooks customers. This expert and instant support can be availed by dialing QuickBooks Support Number. You can contact us by dialing QuickBooks Support Number USA. Alternatively, our exceptionally efficient support service can be availed by writing to us on the email id, support@quickbookssupport.net and our highly proficient support team will ensure that your technical problem is resolved immediately and your user experience with regard to QuickBooks remains consistently fruitful.