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QuickBooks Support when A Paid Bill or Invoice Displays Report in QuickBooks Desktop

When QuickBooks provides you various features to log in at that time you just have to manage the whole data or you can say the complete record of your company. In this post we will inform you about the open transactions which is quite a genuine term to use in QuickBooks for a report or when window is displayed to open only. Such transactions are now able to record debit or credits to Account Receivable, account payable inclusive of the list described below given by QuickBooks Support team.

When the transactions like accrual like bills or invoices which are to be paid which should not be displayed to reports. It is due to QuickBooks which does not know the transactions which were paid already.

  • When a bill credit or bill payment is typed rather not applied to a bill.
  • When a credit memo or payment is typed but not applied to an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop

The following reasons may also cause paid transactions which is to be appeared on open transactions report:

  • When aging report preferences are not correct.
  • When invoices are not correct or terms which are applied incorrectly in the Terms List.
  • The date on your server or on your workstation are not applied accurately.
  • Either one or both of the transactions or the connection between those is damaged.

How will you Resolve Open Transaction Report?

Let us discuss these methods given the guidelines by QuickBooks Support, those are as follows:

Method 1: Unapplied Bill Credits or Bill Payments

  • In the QuickBooks Reports menu click on Vendors & Payables then choose Unpaid Bills.
  • Search for negative amounts which will signify unlinked bill credits or bill payments.
  • In the Vendors/Vendors menu, click on Pay Bills to apply bill Credits and bill payments to bills.
  • Make sure all the matching transactions must have the same Account Payable account.

Method 2: Unapplied Customer Payments

  • In the QuickBooks Reports menu click on Customers & Receivables then choose Open Invoices.
  • Search for negative amounts which are classified as unapplied Payments or Credit Memos.
  • In the Customers menu click on Receive Payments then set up the payments and credit memos to the accurate invoices.
  • Make sure the reconciled transactions should have the same Account Receivable account and the same Job under the Customer field.

Hope you are satisfied with the solution of open invoice report, if you are still struggling with these issues, feel free to contact us at QuickBooks Support @ 1-800-731-1629 and drop a mail to us at support@quickbooksupport.net.

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