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Call Quickbooks Support And Know How To Track Mileage in Quickbooks

In this article you will learn how to track mileage. To know more call Quickbooks Support.

Step 1: Set up the employee as a vendor

• Click on Expenses and then select Vendors.

• Click on New vendor.

• Enter the info of the vendor and then click on Save.

Note: The names of the Employee and vendors can’t be the same. Hence, while you are setting up employees as vendors, make changes in the name slightly in the Display Name As field.

Step 2: Set up an expense account for mileage

• On the Toolbar, choose the gear icon.

• Select Chart of Accounts under your company.

• Click on New.

• Set up the details of the Expense account details and then click on Finish.

Tip: Check out setting up accounts for more help in accounts.

Step 3: Set up a Product/Service item for mileage

Note: For mileage,you need to make a new Product/Service.

• On the Toolbar select the Gear icon.

• Choose Products and Services.

• Click on New.

• Click on Non-inventory or Service.

• Give a name to the item as “Mileage.”

• Check I sell this product/service to my customers in the sales information section.

• Check I purchase this product/service from a vendor in the purchasing information section.

• Enter the description and the cost which you are paying per mile.

• Assign the mileage expense account that you have just created.

• Click on Save.

Step 4: Enter bills to track mileage 

Now that your employee is also a vendor, you can enter and pay bill as an expense in your Chart of Accounts you have mileage and as a product/service item.

• On the Toolbar, select the plus icon (+).

• Select Bill under vendors.

• Scroll down to Item details.

• In the Product/Service column select the mileage item. Along with the rate you chose when you set up the mileage item the description and amount will auto-fill.

• (This is Optional) To show as an expense to the customer if you wish the expense to be billable or not, make sure you are including the customer’s name or click Billable items the transaction.

• On the Toolbar, click on the Plus icon (+) and then click on Pay Bills.

Please Note: In QuickBooks Online Plus, you can only mark items as billable. For more information, check out turning on this feature for more information on how to track your billable expenses.

Now you are ready to track mileage in Quickbooks.

To know more on how to track mileage in QuickBooks call Quickbooks support on their toll free number. Also, you can write us at support@quickbooksupport.net. Feel free to reach us anytime; our team of executives is 24/7 available at your service. For more information visit, www.quickbooksupport.net.

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