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 QuickBooks Support USA Helps You to Keep Your Data Safe in QuickBooks Application

 You cannot face any problems related to data security if your QuickBooks online data is safe. Your Phone contains the most sensitive information of your QuickBooks company file.  It contains your customer’s credit card number and your Employee’s social security number. If any anyone gains unauthorized access to that data, your company can get into a lot of trouble. This kind of security breach can have serious consequences for your business. QuickBooks uses five key technologies to completely secure customer’s data.

The five Key technologies for keeping your QuickBooks data safe are listed below:-

Data Backup

Data Backup is very simple and easy to use. This technology lets you to generate a backup of your data if your data is destroyed, due to accident or due to any other malware or wrongful act. Several backup procedure and security measure are there in QuickBooks online to keep your data safe and secure. Your data is always saved on mirrored disks, when you add or edit your data. It is written in hard drives so that if one fails the other works, without being noticed by the user. QuickBooks online also copies all data to a third drive so that your data remains protected if there is any problem in the first two drives. Backups are performed to tape each night, the tapes are periodically moved off-site to a secured location. The main goal of this key technology is data security.

Firewall Protection

 When hackers and unauthorized user try to steal your important information and take control of your software a firewall acts as a barrier. Due to fire wall protection your private information is available only to authorized users from authorized personal computers. For further protection of your data QuickBooks online makes use of SSL technology. This same technology is used for transactions over the internet via credit card.


Viruses insert their own code which destroys the useful information present on our computer; it creates a critical situation for your computer. This malicious software program is very harmful to a computer. In QuickBooks online keeps all your data on a server, which guards the data against viruses physically and electronically.

Id & Password Protection

Basically, passwords are used for the purpose of protection, it protects our individual programs or files and is also used to log into a computer. Your password should be unique or different so that your password cannot be traced easily.

NOTE: Passwords are case sensitive.

Audit Trails

Audit Trails make sure that you have a way to keep track of who is doing what on your computer. In case of an emergency customer can use the always-on activity log to see what actions takes place within their company for the purpose of security.

Other important ways to keep your QuickBooks data safe:



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