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Before proceeding further with how to create a purchase order we will first see what is a purchase order?

A purchase order is a document or you can say it is an official offer shared by a purchaser to a seller giving information about quality and quantity of goods and services and the value of those products and services they need from seller. It helps in expressing a clear picture of the expectations of the buyer from seller. It helps in keeping a track of product ordered ad products received.

Now we will see how we create a purchase order.

1. We will first switch on our preferences for purchase order.

i. In your QuickBooks desktop go to the Edit in menu.

ii. Then go to Preferences.

iii. This will open a window in which on left you see the option Items & Inventory.

iv. After selecting it, move on to the Company Preferences tab.

v. Put a check on Inventory and Purchase Orders are Active

vi. Finally click on OK.

2. Next we will go to the menu option, Suppliers.

3. Under which we will click on Create Purchase Order.

4. You can choose a desired template of your purchase order by the template drop-down.

5. You can also select either a new supplier or an existing supplier by clicking on the Supplier drop down.

6. If it is a new supplier we will be required to update all their information in the required fields like address , dae

7. We will have to update the line item area by updating it with the details of product we are proceeding to order.

8. There is a field that says Supplier Message. You may fill it with the information about purchase order to seller.

9. Finally we will click on Save and Close.

If you face any issues further or have any question kindly contact QuickBooks Point of Sale Support representative for further assistance.

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