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QuickBooks has released its R4 update for all its US versions of QuickBooks. Initially manual updates are made available thus in case you are willing to access its automatic update then you have to wait for a certain period of time as announced by authorized QuickBooks Support professionals. Two general changes are made available in QuickBooks R4 release, first is for Window 10 support and the later one is for Improved PCI Compliance. 

Aspects of R4 release are designed to work better for Window 10 as well as Improved PCI compliance, one major change is introduced in the form of Microsoft supplied programming components which is generally used in QuickBooks desktop products. It introduces major changes that are ranging from MSXML 4 to MSXML 6 for the purpose of adopting drastic improvement under Payment Card Industry compliance standards for rectifying client’s credit card numbers already stored in QuickBooks. In case you are not storing credit card numbers in QuickBooks then this doesn’t probably impact your performance. So on an average, this is sounding like a good idea. Now the question arises, how to operate PCI Compliance aspects in other available versions of QuickBooks? It’s a little confusing thing to discuss as PCI standards evolving more, when it comes to discussion of different aspects in relation to Window computers. As per consideration of authorized QuickBooks Support associates, it is necessary to access certification process for the latest QuickBooks products in order to recertify the products standards. 

PCI certification falls under two categories; this is the most interesting thing to note down in this release. In case you are willing to install a software product for the very first time then you are required to use one that is “acceptable for new deployments. In case you are having an already existing installation in one place then you are required to check either it is “undertaking for new deployments” or “undertaking deployments only for pre- existence”. 

Initially, R4 release had to pass through a long process of certification. The process of approval takes time but will soon incorporated with same. On the other hand QuickBooks 2015 is certified for both the Canadian and US version respectively in terms of “undertaking for new deployments”. In case you are willing to check this you have to be access QuickBooks 2015 R4 update first to get an idea about the MSXML changes introduced in this new release. Apart from this no other QuickBooks versions are not at all certified as “undertaking deployments only for pre- existence”, but it’s okay as supposedly you will not  able to access new version of the older products at this certain point of time. From QuickBooks 2008 to 2014 US versions, all are certified as “acceptable only for pre-existing deployments” which is good news.

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