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We are very much aware that running payroll is necessary concerning to every staff, either regular, full-time working or the employees working on hourly basis or working on contracts.

Here we will know the steps on how to run a payroll in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll system.

Let us see how do we do that:

• In your QuickBooks online, go to the Run Payroll option.

• Now you need to choose the group for which payroll needs to be run. This is done by selecting the required Pay Group.

• Click on Next

• We come to a page where we enter information of the employees. We also realize that the information for contractors or hourly basis employees is entered first.

• Next we provide some relevant data of the employee like First day of pay period, Last day of pay period and even the date on which payment needs to be done, Pay date.

• Next you click on Process.

• This will take you to a window that asks for working hours under the option that says Income type.

• Click on Next

• We follow the same procedure for the regular and full-time employees.

• This way the payroll information is updated for every employee and now we need to review the same to ensure that every employee is accounted for and even that all the details filled is accurate in regards with every employee respectively. There is an option of view details in case you wish to see the details of a particular payroll.

• Once the review is complete put a check mark on the box which will confirm that all the information is reviewed and that every payroll is approved and hence they are ready to be processed.

• Further we will click on Approve and proceed to submission.

Since Payroll is an essential part of every job hence it is necessary to make sure certain things.

Every employee is accounted for, their payroll is properly reviewed and approved on time.

If status of your payroll is in pending state that means payroll was not submitted on time. If you are facing any difficulties we recommend you to contact our technical support representative to assist you further.

If you face any issues further or have any question kindly contact QuickBooks Technical Phone Support @  for further assistance.

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