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How to do Review Every Month for Each of Your Clients through Quickbook Support

Today we will discuss what to review every month for each of your clients in QuickBooks Online Accountant with the help of QuickBooks Customer Support.

Each and every client is important for a businessman. With so much going on for every client, it can be hard to stay on top of everything. You should use the month-end review tool to finish specific tasks in each clients’ QuickBooks Online accounts every month.

If you are getting difficulty to keep all records of your clients. We will suggest you to use month-end review tool. This tool focuses on common yet tricky bookkeeping areas: incomplete transactions, reconciliations, and account balances. It lists key tasks so you can quickly tie up any loose ends and prioritize work. You can even create your own custom tasks to review.

Step 1: You may start a month-end review

You can do month-end reviews for each of your clients, one at a time.

  1. Click & open a client’s QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Click & select Month-end review. You can also select Accountant Tools and then Month-end review.
  3. Click & select Edit ✏️ next to the date to review a different month. By default, month-end reviews are for the previous month.

You will get to know that tasks are divided into three sections. Follow the tabs in order. Start with the Transaction review tab. Then move on to the Account reconciliation and Final review tabs.

Step 2: You can fix incomplete transactions

In order to fix incomplete transactions, the Transaction review tab shows transactions with missing or incorrect info. QuickBooks flags uncategorized transactions, transactions without payees, and unapplied payments.

In case, if data is missing, you’ll see a blank line in the column. Select a transaction to open it and make corrections.

Tip: In case, if you want to go the extra mile? Go to the Additional items section. These are common tasks many top accounting firms do every month. Use them as part of your review. To create your own monthly tasks, select + Add.

Step 3: You may finish reconciling accounts

We will suggest you to move on to the Account reconciliation tab. This lists accounts you need to reconcile.

You may need to select an account to start reconciling it. Use the info in each column as a guide so you know you how much work needs to be done. Outstanding transactions appear in the Unaccepted and Unreconciled columns.

Tip: Question Arise: Are there other accounts that cause reconciliation issues? Go to the Additional items section and select + Add. Make a note so you check these accounts each month.

Step 4: You can check account balance issues

It will be required to finish your review in the Final review tab. This lists the financial reports you should check every month. Select Review to open a report. QuickBooks automatically filters reports for the month you select.

Tip: However, these are reporting most accountants check every month. If you want to add others, select + Add.

Step 5: You can review month-end review progress

If you want to review month end progress, you can easily check the status of current month-end reviews for each of your clients:

  1. Choose QuickBooks Online Accountant. In QuickBooks Online Accountant, go to the Clients menu.
  2. Click & select the Bookkeeping tab.
  3. You can review the status of the Month-end review column.
  4. Click & select the icon in the Month-end review column to see which tasks are finished or open.

    In case, if you still getting any issue, we will request you to get in touch with QuickBooks Customer Support Team for your help.