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Call QuickBooks Support to Know how to fix the QuickBooks Error 3180

QuickBooks is very popular among the small and medium businesses and is used worldwide by many people and the reason behind this is that the software is user friendly and gives you several features which help in managing the accounting part.

The downside of using the software is the number of arcane errors that the users encounter at various stages of using the software.

QuickBooks Error 3180 occurs due to various reasons such as an unfinished QuickBooks installation, a virus that triggers it, etc. Error occurs often during program installation, when any Intuit program is running, during windows startup / shutdown or windows operating system installation. This Error hinders the work and creates unnecessary delays in the process. In this article you will learn about the

  • The reasons for the occurrence of the error.
  • Possible Symptoms of the error
  • Ways to get rid of the error.

In case you need any information you can take advantage of QuickBooks error Support to fix the issue and get in touch with our experts.

 Possible symptoms of the QuickBooks Error 3180

 With the appearance of the error message the active program window will be crashed.

You will notice that while running the same software your computer will often crash.

Windows will start to run slowly as well as the keyboard will take time to respond.

Your computer will begin to freeze.

The reasons for the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error 3180

The Corrupt download or unfinished QuickBooks installation can trigger this error.

Is corrupted Windows registry due to a recent software update linked to QuickBooks (it could be installation or reinstallation) can also the cause for the error.

A possibility of virus / malware attack making the windows system files infected can trigger this error.

Any other program accidentally erased files associated with QuickBooks can even cause this error.

Ways to get rid of the QuickBooks Error 3180

STEP 1- Perform manual registry for the Error 3180   

Conducting a Manual Registry is a difficult process, and therefore is advised underneath the guidance of experts. Any difficulty created by error will produce more inconsistencies and problems. If you’d like to do a manual fix, it is advised to make a back-up first. Follow the steps below to perform the task:

  • Tap on Start tab
  • Then input ‘Command’, but don’t click Enter.
  • After that holding CTRL-Shift key on the keyboard click enter.
  • If prompted with a permission dialog box press YES.
  • Then you will see a black box with a blinking cursor, so type Regedit there & click enter.
  • Then Select key associated with “Error 3180 that you wish to backup in the registry editor.
  • After that choose Export next to the file menu.
  • Then Select the folder wherever you are attempting to save QuickBooks ‘Backup key’ in the ‘Save in’ list.
  • After that in the File name box, fill in the name of ‘Backup file’ like QuickBooks Backup.
  • Make sure to choose the ‘Selected Branch’ option from the Export range box.
  • After that click ‘save’.
  •  Then the file will be saved with ‘.reg file extension’.
  • The next move is to do manual editing of Registry.

STEP 2- Do a Full Malware Scan

An error caused due to the attack of malware can corrupt, destroy or disable Runtime errors in the files affected. This is also conceivable that this could be triggered by a malicious program itself.

Note: To delete any malicious software present, you should access powerful anti-malware software.

STEP 3- Perform the Disk Clean Up to get rid of the system junk files.

Over a period of time use of net browser and computer leads to accumulation of junk files. When you don’t make sure that the Junk file is regularly removed it can lead to degradation of the system as well as other issues. Therefore cleaning the Junk Files with Disk Cleanup is necessary.

As it is likely to cause the QuickBooks error 3180. So perform the Disk clean up to delete the junk files.

STEP 4- Update the driver’s device of your system 

The Device Drivers must be frequently updated. As they may stop working instantly.  So it is necessary to make sure that you update the correct driver properly.  The scanning, downloading and then manually upgrading a driver is a lengthy process for the experienced professionals too. So the process must be performed efficiently, without errors and mistakes. As hardware issue can be cause behind the occurrence of the   Error 3180.  So it is good to keep the Windows drivers up-to – date.

STEP 5- Use the Windows system restore program to ‘UNDO’ the recent modification.

This feature helps you to undo any changes that have been made by you so that you can fix the Error 3180. The feature, ‘system restore,’ will recover the system files of the Computer when it was working properly ad that could resolve the QuickBooks error 3180. This will potentially save on a lot of time and effort. So carry out the steps listed below.


Note: This does not impact your records, photos, or any other data when you use this feature.

It can be done for – Windows XP, Vista, 8, 7 & 10

Tap on ‘Start’ at first

Then fill in ‘ system restore’ in the search box, and click enter

 Click on ‘ Restore System’ in the Results.

Enter any admin passwords, when asked.

Then follow the instructions mentioned in the wizard to choose a Restore Point

Finally restore ‘computer’

STEP 6- carry out the Uninstall and reinstall of the QuickBooks Program. 

This phase is necessary if a particular program is related to the program. At First, the program concerned with the QuickBooks should be reinstalled.

  • Windows XP
  • Open Programs & Features by clicking on ‘Start’
  • Then Tap on ‘Control Panel’ option
  • After that Tap on ‘Add / remove Programs’
  • Find the QuickBooks Error 3180 linked program in list ‘ currently installed programs’
  • Tap on ‘entry related to QuickBooks.’
  • Then, click the ‘remove’ option on the right side.
  • Then follow the instructions on-screen to complete Uninstalling Error 3180 based program

When the program linked to Error 3180 is effectively uninstalled, you ought to reinstall the program. Besides that, if the error occurred due to the software installed then the problem would be solved by Uninstalling and reinstalling.

STEP 7- RUN ‘File Checker for the Windows System (Sfc / Scan now)

System file checker is a fantastic and proven application that allows Windows to search and recover any issue in the Windows system files.

  • Click “Start” button
  • Then in the search box type ‘command’ and do not click Enter.
  • After that holding the Ctrl+Shift key on the keyboard, click enter.
  • When prompted with a dialog box and hit YES
  • Then type ‘SFC / scan now’ and press Enter once the black box appears with a blinking cursor.
  • After that the system file checker will start scanning for Error 3180 & issues with system data.
  • Then Follow command on-screen.

 STEP 8-Download the Windows updates available

 On time windows update not only avoids numerous failures but also guarantees the occurrence of prompt upgrades. This could also fix the runtime errors. Follow the guidelines underneath to do so:

  • Updates for Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 8, 7 & 10)
  • Click on Start’ first.
  • Then type ‘Update’ and press Enter
  • After that you will see a ‘Windows Update’ dialog box.
  • In case there are updates then press the ‘Install updates’ option

STEP 9- perform the Clean Windows Installation. 

To resolve the error, execute a Clean Windows installation. Make sure all files, such as documents, photographs, software installers, etc., are backed up.  Every junk which has been assembled will be cleaned upon executing the clean install so have a backup of the data in advance.

Note: If the issue still persists after running the Clean Install so the Runtime error was presumably attributed to a hardware malfunction.


The above referred techniques are very useful to eradicate QuickBooks error 3180.Our certified experts provide 24/7 technical support via phone, chat, and email. If you want to discuss any more feel free to get in touch with us. ALSO if you have some other query, then you can contact on our QuickBooks Error Support Number. You can also write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net. For more information visit – www.quickbooksupport.net.

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