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How to conjoin duplicate customer’s entities with the help of QuickBooks Tech Support USA?

As we know that QuickBooks helps in managing sales, vendor receipts, and invoice to track the status of income, pay bills, and run payroll accordingly, which in turn helps users to execute their tasks in a perfect way. Sometimes, users update a customer’s details twice in the customer list, which results in duplicate entries. For instance, if a customer’s name spelled in a different way than QuickBooks will treat it as the new customer entity. It will create confusion for retailers who are accessing the customer lists. Thus, our QuickBooks Support USA experts offer following step guide to merge duplicate customers in order to avoid further confusion.

When it comes to merging customer records, QuickBooks will combine customer’s sale history for all duplicate entries as a single record and delete the remaining. Thus, if you are willing to combine available customer entries with similar details i.e; duplicate entries, then refer following steps as suggested by QuickBooks Tech Support USA experts to merge duplicate customers,

Step 1: Initially, select two or more customer records that you are willing to merge in your QuickBooks customer list. Then, choose I Want To >>Merge (For versions older than 10, it’s Merge Customers). This will open a Merge Customer Dialog Box that opens including all pre-selected customers.

Step 2: Now, you need to review all pre-selected customers to make necessary changes. Want to Add, delete, or modify customer? Use the drop-down list either to search or choose customers.

Step 3: Make sure that the customer record you are want to assemble will appear in the upper left corner of the window. However, you can change the positions of records by using the Swap button.

Step 4: If your customer lists are integrated with QuickBooks, then it will display the entire customer list indicating your selected customers. Here, Click Merge Customers.

Step 5: The customer that has been removed from the list has a sales history, which indicates sales receipts and customers’ orders for that respective customer. These entire customer details will be replaced by the specific customer that you want to keep in the records.


We really believed that the given information will be a help for users to know how to conjoin duplicate customer’s entities with the help of QuickBooks Tech Support USA. If you are still facing errors even after using the above steps, you can opt for QuickBooks support by initiating a chat to resolve your QuickBooks related issues. Our support services are made available for 24/7 to confer instant help in response to user’s queries related to the QuickBooks accounting software.