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Contact Quickbooks Point of Sale Support to Know how to Update Tls 1.2 in Quickbooks Desktop?

QuickBooks point of sale is a part of QuickBooks accounting software which is a windows based Application that helps businesses in managing and tracking their goods & services QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) is basically designed for retail business. In case, if you are looking to get updates related to transport layer security. No need to worry, we are here to know how to update the latest version of TLS 1.2 so users can ensure continuous payment processing in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale with the help of QuickBooks point of sale support.

As we all know TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. It is a cryptographic protocol that is used to increase security over computer networks and it also helps in internet communication.

• Transport layer security replaced SSL in 1999 although it can still be referred to as SSL.

• It helps in providing complex security requirements to fix cryptographic flaws and other security problems

• After the updating the security of TLS, we are using the latest version that is TLS 1.2.

• Users will be able to enable QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale to communicate strictly on TLS 1.2 protocol by making few updates to the system and registry keys will also help to provide more secure & safe communication.

What is the reason of updating & why is it important to update?

The most common reason of updating TLS is to avoid bugs and flaws in other existing security models. User will not be able to use their merchant account for processing credit and debit cards will no longer function without updating after June 18, 2019.

System Requirements.

There are also some requirements that needed to get it update:

• QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop Version

• Operating System:  Supported windows are Version 7  or higher version of windows OS

• Browser: Internet Explorer version 8 is recommended and supported along with newer version if any .

To install the update.

User wants to update the software then they need to follow the steps that are given below:

1. First, click & select help menu, then choose Software Updates then select Check for Updates.

2. After that point of sale will check for available updates.

3. You will see the update button, then click Update Now.

We believe that the above given information will be helpful to update the latest version of TLS 1.2 ensure continuous payment processing in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Support. In case, you need more assistance then they are free to reach us by clicking on our website: or you can also mail us at