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QuickBooks is very popular among the small and medium businesses and is used worldwide by many people and the reason behind this is that the software is user friendly and gives you several features which help in managing the accounting part.

One of QuickBooks On line’s amazing features is that it lets you download your recent transaction without having to enter details of each transaction differently. All of the recent transactions can be downloaded online by directly connecting to your bank or credit card.

The downside of using the software is the number of arcane errors that the users encounter at various stages of using the software. Quite often you experience an error when attempting to connect to your bank or credit card in QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online Error 350 is among the common errors of QuickBooks online which is faced when either your bank details are expired or when your connection is terminated.

In this article we will understand the potential reasons for the occurrence of the errors and successful ways to repair the QuickBooks error 350. You can also take advantage of QuickBooks Support Phone Number to fix the issue and get in touch with our experts.

Reasons Why QuickBooks Online Error 350 Occurs?

  • There are different reasons for the occurrence of the QuickBooks Online Error 350.
  • If the server of your bank is down or is not responding.
  • For some reason QuickBooks Online cannot connect to your bank.
  • If there is a damaged data file, particularly the one that contains the details about your recent bank transactions.

These are all a few reasons which may cause QuickBooks Online Error 350 and prevent you from downloading your recent bank transactions. When you face some other error as well, there are a couple of measures you can try to fix the problem on your own. Follow this article to learn all the steps you can use to fix this problem.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Online Error 350?

As now you have knowledge of all of the potential causes which may cause QuickBooks Online Error 350, working upon the repair process would be easy for you. When you’re not sure what the true trigger behind the problem is, you can take one by one all of the troubleshooting steps to solve the problem. You should try restarting the computer and QuickBooks Online before you get going with the troubleshooting measure. Sometimes the problem is solved simply by a simple restart, and you can use your QuickBooks Online without any issue. Please ensure that you verify after every process whether the problem is resolved.


Method 1: Diagnose and Recover Damaged Data

Faced with QuickBooks Online Error 350, you can not immediately download bank transactions. A corrupted data file is among the causes for the error. In case you want to verify if your QuickBooks company file includes any corrupted data, do read the steps given below and follow them to learn to spot any damage to data and attempt to repair it:

  • Open QuickBooks Online, and click on the file menu.
  •  Then Select Utilities, and then verify Data.
  • In case you see a message stating “Your Data Has Lost Its Integrity” on your computer, it means your company’s file is corrupted and needs to be repaired.
  • Go to the file menu and choose Utilities again to restore the file.
  • To start restoring the damaged data press the Rebuild Data option.
  • When the pop-up displays, press OK and choose a desired spot to save the restored company file.
  • Upon successful creation of the backup, your corrupted files will get Rebuild.
  •  When the Rebuild Data utility is done with restoring your corrupted company file, restart your QuickBooks Online and check whether or not the problem continues.

Method 2: Manually Diagnose Corrupted Data

If you are unable to find any data damage in your QuickBooks company file but still face QuickBooks Online Error 350, then perhaps you should manually check for data corruption. Just follow the steps given below as it will direct you to locate any corrupted data or data file:

First click the F2 button on QuickBooks homepage.

This will open your Product Details tab. then Click the F3 button to access the Tech Help section.

After that search for the QuickBooks log file also named as qbwin.log. This file includes all of the error information, and it will help you go into the root cause of your problem.

 Click Open next to the log tab, when prompted.

After that Look for QuickBooks Online Error 350 or some other incorrect data which could trigger the error.

Method 3: Reconnect Bank Account With QuickBooks

In case the above mentioned solutions fail to fix the issue, the last approach you can adopt is just reconnecting your bank account or credit card with QuickBooks. Follow the instructions given below to know   how to integrate QuickBooks Online with your financial institution:

  • First of all Navigate to your QuickBooks Online and open the Banking menu.
  • After that Choose the account in which you are dealing with an issue.
  • Then Tap the Sign In option.
  • To log in to your banking website, type your bank credentials.
  • Then Tap on the account you tried to download the recent bank transactions for.
  • And press Continue and after that update. This will update the recent transaction details on your QuickBooks online and after that you can download them without any error.


We hope the above referred techniques are very useful to eradicate QuickBooks error 350.Our certified experts provide 24/7 technical support via phone, chat, and email. If you want to discuss any more feel free to get in touch with us. ALSO if you have some other query, then you can contact on our QuickBooks Support Number. You can also write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net.For more information visit – www.quickbooksupport.net.

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