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QuickBooks Phone Number


QuickBooks is an accounting software which provides products that take care of nearly all the bookkeeping needs of its users. It provides very useful tools to automate and manage a user’s business activities, customers, vendors, inventory and finances. It calculates sales tax, tracks products and automatically updates transactions. Its report center enables a user to track many aspects of his business that include but are not limited toincome, sales, expenses and the overall growth of the company.

This financial management platform is the most popular accounting software as it perfectly streamlines the accounting processes of any business.It is one of the best business bookkeeping software for small to mid-sized businesses. This software ensures that its users save their valuable time when it comes to bookkeeping and paperwork. QuickBooks manages efficiently and handles automatically most of the simple bookkeeping tasks which makes it more convenient for the user to run his business. It is one of the most affordable solutions that can be used to generate reports with the information that a user needs. As per reports, QuickBooks accounting software holds more than 80 percent of the small-business market share as it simplifies accounting and enables companies to maintain in an organized way the large volume of business related data that they collect and analyze.

QuickBooks’ Features

Vendor, Customer and Item Lists

Three main centers are provided by QuickBooks for managing a user’s contacts and inventory. These are the Customer, Vendor and Inventory Center. The Customer and Vendor Centers contain lists of transactions which belong to a customer or a vendor in a single location. The Inventory Center ensures astreamlined as well as simple management of a user’s inventory and non-inventory items. Products that a user sells as well as keeps in his stock are a part of the inventory. Services, fall in the category of non-inventory items. The option to look for, add, edit or delete customers, vendors and items is provided by each center. Transactions can be sorted based on customer, vendor or item type and the fields within each list can be customized to suit a particular user’s business needs.

Chart of Accounts

A user’s company’s financial information is contained in the Chart of Accounts. The Chart of Accounts’ list shows and provides information related tochecking, savings, dividend, accounts receivable and balance sheets. Account balances and other information, including account numbers and contact details, are shown within the window ofeach individual account. The list of accounts appears under the Lists menu in the Chart of Accounts.QuickBooks creates several recommended accounts based on the user’s business type. It is advisable to avoid deleting an account. Rather, it is better to make the account inactive which results in providing more accurate tracking.

Billing and Invoices

QuickBooks provides two types of statements. These are Billing and Invoice statements. Billing statements are those that bill a customer with charges over a period of time. Billing statements get recorded in a special register. This register is called the Customer Register. On the other hand, Invoice statements are best suited for items that are purchased and paid for in a single transaction and which don't accumulate over time.


In order to generate accurate and detailed reports, a user needs toenter his/her customer, vendor and item details correctly. The Profit & Loss report for businesses is one of the most commonly used reports.When a user runs a report, he/she can customize the report to filter information by a specific customer, vendor, item and transaction date as well asto show past due payments and other important information. Once a report is run, it can be added to the user’s memorized or favorite report list which ensures its future access. A list of pre-configured reports appears within the Reports drop-down menu.


Payroll feature enables the user to manage paychecks, pay liabilities and set annual limits on particular payments. Workers' compensation, tax-exempt employees and tax forms can be managed within the Payroll Center. QuickBooks provides a very useful service for a monthly fee that lets the user utilize online payroll options to send direct deposit and email receipts of payments. A QuickBooks user can assign payroll permissions to specific users if he is using a multi-user QuickBooks account setup. Along with all these benefits a user can edit information from the Employee Center to add additional deductions, tips as well as other employee-specific details.

What does QuickBooks software offer?


A number of ready-to-use templates are provided by QuickBooks that can be used by business owners for the purpose of creating invoices, spreadsheets, charts and business plans. This software lets the user customize the look and feel of these documents easily. It is extremely useful to have the ability to customize invoices. This enables a business owner to not only add the logo of his company but also include detailed information about each line and item.

Ease to use

Most bookkeeping programs are challenging to use and difficult to learn. On the contrary, QuickBooks has been designed to be easy to understand and use for even those business owners who don’t have an accounting or financial background.

Assimilates seamlessly with other programs

QuickBooks can assimilate easily with other programs which is a huge advantage that it offers. Once a user has used this product to input all of his business income and expenses, he can export that data to his favorite tax preparation program easily. This makes filing income taxes less challenging and less time consuming. Another advantage that QuickBooks has to offer is that it integrates well with Microsoft Excel which makes it easy to import data from other sources and use that in QuickBooks.

Check Signing

Using QuickBooks accounting software can save a user a lot of time, if he signs too many checks regularly for his business. QuickBooks enables business owners to scan and upload their signatures. These signatures can be used to prepare checks for his business purpose. This automated process simplifies and makes it much easier to issue checks.

Why choose QuickBooks Support team?

Our QuickBooks Support team is not only well-trained in resolving technical issues that QuickBooks’ customers face but also have extensive experience in providing the most effective solutions in the least duration of time. Being well versed in knowledge regarding all QuickBooks products, our expert support team has proven time and again that it can resolve even the most challenging technical problems swiftly.

In case any QuickBooks user experiences any problem when using this extremely useful software and his work comes to a standstill, he can get in touch with our QuickBooks Support Team instantly by dialing our toll free phone number to avail immediate assistance and quick resolution of his issue. Expert help is available at all times when a QuickBooks user dials QuickBooks Support Phone Number @ . Alternatively, we can be reached via email that should be sent to and your issue will be successfully addressed in the least amount of time.