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An annoying technological error that occurs when the programme is blocked from accessing the server is the QuickBooks error 12029. QuickBooks is known for giving small to mid-sized business owners and accountants several benefits. With the aid of this app, you can monitor your revenue, profits, expenditures, and inventory on a real-time basis and get detailed insights about your business success. When using different accounting software features and functions, technical problems can occur, affecting your operation. The QuickBooks error 12029 in QuickBooks is a similar technical problem that can unnerve you and create problems for you.

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What Happens When the QuickBooks Error Message 12029 Keeps popping ?

You can see the QuickBooks error message code 12020 showing up on your computer when updating QuickBooks Desktop or payroll. The status causes, and consequences of the error are explained by this error message. Due to QuickBooks error 12029, an update gets disrupted, and you will need to look for potential reasons causing the error to occur. When the QuickBooks fails to create a stable connection with the server, it mostly crops up.

There are, however, numerous potential reasons that can cause error code 12029 in the QuickBooks.

Factors Responsible for the Update Error 12029 in the QuickBooks:

There may be many internal and external explanations why QuickBooks error code 12029 may be triggered. The list is given below-

External Explanations for Intuit QuickBooks error code 12029:

  • When you try to download QuickBooks Payroll, there is a network timeout.
  • It could be your Firewall Internet protection programme that prevents QuickBooks from accessing the server.
  • Erroneous SSL settings
  • If Internet Explorer isn’t your main browser,
  • Internet Plans Expired even that can result in the error.

QuickBooks Desktop Internal Factors for the Error 12029:

Now take a glance at the QuickBooks error code 12029’s internal triggers—

  • In case the Quickbooks Fails to connect to the Internet
  • Other relation problems in the applications for accounting
  • A QuickBooks timeout update when reviewing the QuickBooks Desktop payroll
  • Error 12029 of the QuickBooks server when the programme is blocked

How to Fix the Error 12029 in the QuickBooks Payroll Update?

Error 12029 in the QuickBooks occurs when damaged or incomplete components prevent the programme from installing an update. To eradicate QuickBooks Desktop error 12029, follow the methods listed below.

Solution 1- Fix the QuickBooks Desktop & system local issues

So first, before going forward into advanced troubleshooting, look for the problems that can occur on your local desktop and device.

Take into account the points mentioned below-

  • Ensure that you have installed the new QuickBooks Desktop update on your system.
  • Update your Windows OS to correct QuickBooks error code 120299
  • Make sure that Internet packets are not dropped by checking the latency of the Internet
  • Modify the SSL settings by checking that TLS 1.2 is allowed.
  • It just takes a restart occasionally to resolve a technical problem, try that.
  • Upgrade to the new update and set Internet Explorer as your default browser.

Solution 2- Verify and repair connection problems

Since the root cause of the QB error code 12029 is a communication issue, all potential connection problems need to be identified and fixed.

  • Visit Intuit’s legit website and download TLS 1.2, so you can run it to correct the mistake.
  • Consider visiting a website other than QuickBooks, such as the bank’s login page, to see whether or not you can do it.
  • Check the status of error code 12029 for QuickBooks and, if it persists, proceed to the next stage.

Solution 3- To help the update, change your antivirus and firewall settings

  • Your antivirus or firewall setup will often block the QuickBooks from connecting to the server. Test and correct these settings so that the payroll upgrade phase in QuickBooks can be helpful.
  • To download the QuickBooks File Doctor tool from Intuit’s official website,
  • Save it to your desktop now, and then run the tool.
  • This tool configures the firewall and automatically opens the ports.
  • Check then if the QuickBooks Desktop update error 12029 has been patched or not fixed.

Solution 4- Open Windows in the safe mode and try to update it again.

Starting Windows in safe mode will help to correct the QuickBooks error code 12029. To finish the job, follow the instructions mentioned below—

  • Click Windows simultaneously, and I key on your keyboard.
  • After that navigate to the Update & Security section and press it.
  • Then, press Recovery, and then off to Startup Advanced
  • Carefully follow the directions and make the appropriate selections to restart your machine.
  • You will see an option to open the machine in safe mode with networking during the restart.
  • Once more, after the solution is performed, search QuickBooks error code 12029.


After reading this blog until the end, I hope that the mistake is wiped out. Taking into account every aspect of the minutiae, you have to perform each step one after another. Even so, if you want a simple solution to QuickBooks error code 12029, you can contact our QuickBooks phone number and speak to trained professionals directly. You can get assistance by sending an email to us at ( However, you can visit our website at for more QuickBooks-relevant products.

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