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The QuickBooks Component Repair Tool is an important tool used to fix Microsoft component problems such as Framework, Microsoft.NET, Microsoft Visual C++, and Microsoft MSXML. You can download and use the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool free of charge to fix various problems that can occur when installing the QuickBooks software, such as QuickBooks 1904, 1603, 1402, 1935, etc. Such errors not only affect the installation process, but also affect the user’s QuickBooks experience. The tool diagnoses and fixes bugs automatically, stopping QuickBooks from working. In this blog post we will explore how to download the QuickBooks component repair tool and how to use it to fix errors in the installation of QuickBooks.

The ways to Fix Installation Errors for QuickBooks

  • From the official website, download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Software.
  • Save it to the desired folder for processing
  • Then, close all the programmes running in the background and run Diagnostic Tool to install QuickBooks afterwards.
  • After running the tool, reboot your machine.

How to Correct Errors with the QuickBooks Repair Component Tool?

In case the error still prevents QuickBooks from being installed after running the QuickBooks installation diagnostic tool, you ought to follow the instructions below:

  • Rebuild the foundation of .NET
  • Try manually reconstructing Microsoft MSXML
  • It is recommended that the debugging steps be carried out with the assistance of a trained professional.

Phase 1- The .NET System is rebuilt

The .NET Framework is a Microsoft component used by QuickBooks to communicate with web-based software. The different technical glitches such as QuickBooks error 1722, 1603, 1903, and 1904 are caused by an error in this feature. The helpful tips that can help you restore broken Microsoft.NET System are below:

  • Download the QuickBooks Part Repair Tools to your computer to begin with.
  • When prompted, store the file in your desired folder.
  • Close all the programmes in the background that are running, and double-click “QBInstall_tool_v2.exe” file.
  • Then, once the procedure is completed, perform the diagnosis and restart the machine.
  • You can restore the Microsoft.NET System by performing the measures described above. But if the error persists, follow the steps given below—
  • At first Click the Windows Key.
  • Then, go to the Search bar and enter Update for Windows.
  • Check whether or not new Windows updates are available.


Phase 2: Re-build Microsoft MSXMLL

A damaged Microsoft MSXML portion prevents the smooth functioning of QuickBooks. When properly followed, the below-listed steps will fix Microsoft MSXML component:

  • Register the files with MSXML DLLs.
  • Uninstall MSXML 6.0. and reinstall it.
  • Then, on your device, download and install MSXML 6.0 SP1
  • You can also try to patch your MSXML 6.0.

Easy Steps to download the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool:

Firstly, to repair QuickBooks components with the QuickBooks Repair Component Tool, it needs to be downloaded to the system. Without needing any special device setup, you can download it for free. The instructions below will help you to download and run the QuickBooks component repair tool as quickly as possible.

  • Shut down all programmes that run in the background.
  • When you’re done, reboot the machine again.
  • Then Download the QuickBooks Repair Part Tool from the official website.
  • Save the machine file and double-click on it to save the file.
  • After the QuickBooks Part Repair Tool has been successfully installed, reboot your device again.


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