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Call QuickBooks Desktop Support to know how to eradicate the QuickBooks License Error 3371

The QuickBooks licence error occurs when the QB device file containing your QuickBooks Desktop licence properties gets corrupted. If the damage occurs in the entitlement Data Store .ecml file, the error message “Could not initialise licence properties” is displayed on your computer. When you select OK in the error message box, another box appears on your screen. One of the most noticeable causes for licence errors in QuickBooks is the incorrect shutdown of the device. A variety of other technical problems, however, can also facilitate licence errors.

To get instant technical advice, feel free to contact the QuickBooks Desktop support in case you face any difficulties.

What is the QuickBooks License Error Code 3371?

In QuickBooks, the licence error is denoted by the error code 3371. The full error message for the error indicates that due to a missing or corrupted company file, QuickBooks cannot load licence details. You can get different status code sets for the same 3371 error code, such as—

  • [Error 3371, Code of Status -11118]
  • [Error: 3371, Code of Status -1]

In different cases, an error can occur, such as when you pass the QuickBooks licence to a new owner or change the QuickBooks licence number.

Why does the QuickBooks License Error Message 3371 appear?

As we have seen above, several QuickBooks problems can lead to this technical annoyance listed in the bullet points below.

If any large data files for QuickBooks are locked up by an outdated Windows OS or anti-virus programme.

If any of the Windows or QuickBooks Desktop files below are missing or disabled, you can see an error in the QuickBooks 2017 licence.

QBregistration.dat: This is a QuickBooks Desktop installation file that will not open when it is missing or damaged.

MSXML Component: It is an important component needed by Microsoft to run QuickBooks. QuickBooks Desktop will not be able to retrieve the details in the QBregistration.dat file and will not open it if it gets damaged.

This QuickBooks error can result in partial or damaged installation of the Windows components.

Some of the symptoms of the QuickBooks license Error

You may be aware that the licence error will not start with QuickBooks, due to the symptoms it shows—

  • QuickBooks fails to synchronise the properties of licences
  • Error 3371 status code. On the screen, 11118 appears
  • Compared to standard, degraded computer performance
  • Error in QuickBooks crashes an active programme window

Ways to fix the QuickBooks License Error 3371

You may need to run various solutions to troubleshoot the root cause of the licence error depending on different causes of the error. Below are some of the best troubleshooting methods listed in an intelligible way to fix the QuickBooks mistake.

Solution 1: Delete the file from .ecml

  • To fix QuickBooks error 3371, it is important to delete the file when the Entitlement data store .ecml file gets corrupted.
  • On your keyboard, press Windows + R
  • In the Run box, insert this file path: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement\v88
  • Now, this address should be open on your computer for you to see.
  • Locate and delete the .ecml file, and close the window.
  • Run QuickBooks now to conclude the solution and record the other things
  • If there is still a QB licence error, then jump to the next solution.

Solution 2: Ensure your Windows operating system is modified

  • Owing to an obsolete Windows operating system, a QB License error can also occur.
  • Click the Start button and pick the All-Programs box above the Scan programmes and files box.
  • Select and click Update for Windows
  • Then, press the Update Review button.
  • Re-install and update QuickBooks Desktop once the process is complete.

Check if licence data can be loaded with QuickBooks. If not, then correct the error in QuickBooks by running the next solution.

Solution 3: Install the Latest Update for Windows

If the most recent Windows update is available, install updates to your Windows operating system. By clicking the Start button, you can navigate to the Window Update list and check if updates are available.

NOTE: If you believe that a QuickBooks licence error occurs while registering the product due to the use of an incorrect licence number, follow our “How to Change QuickBooks License Number” article and re-register the QuickBooks Desktop with the relevant name for licence registration.


If you get nothing but a continued QuickBooks error 3371 after trying all the fixes, then quickly reach out to QuickBooks experts. To get the appropriate assistance promptly, dial our QuickBooks desktop support phone number. By emailing us at (, you will obtain assistance. However, you can visit our website for more items relevant to QuickBooks at

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