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Call QuickBooks Support Phone Number to know How to set up and Use Multi-Currency in QuickBooks?

In order to provide viable accounting and banking solutions, first global transactions require external assistance. So, this is where the Multi Currency role of the QuickBooks comes into the frame. In addition, it allows you to trace global transactions and give an overseas seller a certain currency.

We will explore how to set up and make the most of the Multi-Currency functionality of the QuickBooks in this article.

Note: Your home currency is set up automatically until you move to the multi-currency choice and there is no way to change it.

Allowing Multi Currency Feature for the QuickBooks

The multi currency aspect of QuickBooks has its own advantages, including no monthly adjustment in the exchange rate, no need to monitor historical prices or keep an eye on the exchange rates of individual banks. The responsibility of juggling the dates and currency at or before transactions has been minimized. In comparison, in order to locate the initial invoice and the currency used at the time of entry, it is not appropriate to open spreadsheets.

  • Navigate to the QuickBooks Edit Alternative at first, then press Preferences.
  • On the left column, pick different currencies.
  • Tap the Company Preferences dialogue and pick Yes, I’m using more than one currency.
  • You ought to press “Yeah” at the prompt.
  • On the drop-down menu, pick your Home Currency.

The multi-currency functionality of the QuickBooks has its own advantages, as you don’t have to adjust the exchange rate every month, we don’t have to monitor historical rates or keep an eye on the exchange rates of individual banks. The responsibility of juggling the dates and currency at or before transactions has been minimized. In order to locate the initial invoice and the currency used at the time of entry, we do not have to go through many spreadsheets.


Adding foreign clients or vendors

Per consumer or vendor profile, you can assign only one currency. To allow for a new currency, you have to make new profiles. Once this feature is turned on, current clients and suppliers will be distributed in your home currency. For names that have already reported transactions, currency may not be changed. A few steps we can take are below:

  • To build international customers and vendors, go to the Consumer / Vendor centre. If the name is already present in the list (using your home currency), add a slightly different name to the foreign customer / vendor you created.
  • Pick Customer Center / Vendor Center from the Customer / Vendor menu.
  • Click the Current Customer / Vendor tab on the New Customer / Vendor drop-down.
  • Name and currency of customer / vendor appointment
  • Finally, click OK

Add foreign accounts

On each account, you can delegate only one currency and build a new one for your international transaction. Existing balances will be distributed in your home currency when you turn this option on. For accounts of previously reported transactions, currency will not be modified. Currencies for the following accounts, such as Credit Card Accounts, Retailers, Bank Account, Clients, Account Receivable (A / R) and Payable Account.

  • Note: (A / R) and (A / P) account currencies should fit the currency of the consumer (vendor) used in all transactions.
  • Downloading Exchange Rates: If your citizenship is in USD (US dollar=$), you can download rates with one condition.
  • Download Exchange Rates Automatically: Go to the list menu, and then pick the Currency List.
  • Afterwards, click the Events button and pick the Latest Exchange Rates Download button.
  • Enter the exchange rates manually: go to the list menu, and then pick the Currency List. To pick a currency, double-click. You will then update the Currency Exchange Rates in the Edit Currency window for relevant dates /s.
  • International currencies added or excluded

(a) Steps for the currency to be added:

  • Choose a symbol for the gear on the left.
  • After that, Tap on the ‘Currencies’.
  • Tap on ‘Add Currencies’ and browse.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the appropriate currency.

(b) Currency withdrawal steps:

  • At the end, pick the Gear symbol.
  • Click the ‘Currencies’ tab.
  • From the menu, find ‘Edit currency exchange’.

Click on the Delete option.

For verification, you will be prompted.

Thereafter, Tap on the Yes.

Important things to know prior to using the Multi Currency QuickBooks feature:

The multi-currency QuickBooks turn on option is not reversible.

Users can create a backup file in case they choose to revert to a single currency option, before allowing this feature.

Choose the other currencies to follow after multiple currency preferences are allowed.

For a new international transaction, you can use only the foreign accounts and names you have added.

If you have an invoice for the consumer nominated for home currency, do not use the international edition for the current customer to collect payments.

Since they allocated the currency of the companies and providers you joined, you cannot delegate currency transfers to sales and buy.

The sales and purchasing transaction sums are in the currency of the consumers and vendors and the home currency value is equal to the balance of the transactions listed.

In any event, a home currency represents all reports of the currency used in all transactions.


Our accredited experts can advise you and have the right options if you face any trouble when setting up the multi-currency functionality. Call us for advice from our experts on our QuickBooks Support phone Number. You could also visit us at (support@quickbooksupport.net) by writing to us. To get more information about QuickBooks, you can also visit our website at www.quickbooksupport.net.

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