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Call QuickBooks Support Phone Number to know How to Resolve the QuickBooks Error 1328?

We will discuss the possible causes, symptoms and solutions of QuickBooks Error 1328 in this article. But before we start fixing, we need to know exactly what this error and its causes are.

What is Error 1328 in the QuickBooks?

As we all know, QuickBooks is considered the best accounting software that helps you manage the transaction accounts of different businesses and customers as well. The QuickBooks software installation and updating is a very easy task. But, while installing or updating QB software, you may receive some errors. Sometimes this gets very confusing with all the dialogue boxes and error messages displayed.

One such error encountered while updating QuickBooks Desktop and installing updates is QuickBooks Update error 1328. It is recommended that you contact the QuickBooks error Support to resolve the error. As they were trained for the same, they offer time-saving and useful remedies for the errors. We will explain some of the methods in this blog to fix the QuickBooks Error 1328.

What are the potential causes of error 1328 in the QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks update error 1328 may occur due to the extreme points mentioned below:

  • If there is a Trojan, virus, bugs or any malware infected with a system.
  • If the downloading process has a certain problem.
  • This error occurs when the system has failed to shut down properly due to power failure.
  • If programme files for QuickBooks are destroyed or infected.
  • When your system is not functioning properly.
  • An error occurs due to incorrect installation files.
  • When there are unreasonable entries in the Windows registry.
  • If there is a problem on the network,

Some Symptoms of the QuickBooks update error 1328 

A list of symptoms that can be seen when the QuickBooks update error 1328 occurs is shown below:—

  • Your software for QuickBooks freezes or repeatedly crashes.
  • The user is unable to update the QuickBooks software because of this error. When QB update error 1328 occurs, the user fails to install or uninstall QuickBooks software.
  • The user fails to install or uninstall the QuickBooks software when QuickBooks update error 1328 happens.
  • In order to respond to mouse or keyboard inputs, QuickBooks software requires a lot of time.
  • Unable to complete the QuickBooks repair process.
  • QuickBooks Error Code 1328 and the error message are displayed on the system screen.
  • You’re Windows gets slow or crashes over and over again.

Techniques to solve the QuickBooks Error Code 1328

Method 1: Using Clean Install to reinstall QuickBooks

You ought to follow the instructions discussed below:-

  • At First, you need to check if a clean installation is a better option for you than a basic reinstallation. First of all, you should perform basic reinstallation, and if it does not work properly, do a clean installation.
  • And after that note all the details of the product, including the license number,
  • You then have to create a backup of your business QuickBooks file.
  • Uninstall QuickBooks software thereafter.
  • You ought to download and run the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool in this step.
  • Re-install the QuickBooks software after this step.

Ultimately, check whether or not the QuickBooks Error Code 1328 is fixed.

Method 2: Use Installation for the QuickBooks

  • You ought to download the QuickBooks Install Tool first and save it.
  • And after that, close all of the opened apps or programmes.
  • Then run the .exe file that was downloaded.
  • Press the start scan key on the QuickBooks Install Tool afterwards.
  • And after that, restart your computer after the completion of the scan.
  • You may be required to re-register or activate the software for the QuickBooks.
  • Just update your Windows then.
  • Finally, restart your system and install the software for the QuickBooks again.


Method 3: Find the config.msi file and rename it

  • Firstly, on the left side of the screen, you should go to the Start button and tap on it.
  •  After this, click Explore.
  • Simply open C: Drive after that.
  • Go to Tools afterwards and click on it.
  • In this step, merely go to the tab named View after you have opened the Folder Options.
  • Then select Hidden Files and Folders under this tab.
  • And after that select the Show Hidden Files and Folders option.
  • Then, select Apply, and afterwards tap the OK button on the radio.
  • To make secured OS files visible, delete the protected OS files marked against hiding in the View tab.
  • You then have to select Apply and afterwards tap the OK button.
  • Right-click on a file named config.msi.
  • And choose a rename from the list displayed.
  • Then, at the end of the file name, type .old, and press Enter.
  • You ought to hide the shielded OS files and hidden files and folders again after the subsequent renaming has been completed.
  • In the end, verify whether or not you are getting the QuickBooks Error code 1328.

Method 4: Remove malware, repair the registry, and use the System File Checker tool.

Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • First of all, with the help of a registry repair tool, you have to repair Windows registry entries related to the QuickBooks software.
  • And after that run the anti-malware scan and get any malware free from your system.
  • Then, by eliminating all the junk files and folders, clean your system.
  • Uninstall old device drivers from your system thereafter.
  • Use Windows Restore now to undo any changes made to your system recently.
  • You must uninstall your QuickBooks software and reinstall it.
  • To repair system files, use the System File Checker Tool.
  • Update your Windows to the newest release update at the end.

Method 5: QuickBooks Repair

  • You ought to log in to your system with an administrative account, firstly.
  • After that go to the Start button and open the Control Panel.
  • Then Open Programs and Features.
  • Look for your QuickBooks app in the list of programmes after that and pick it.
  • Then choose to uninstall or change in this step.
  • Check for the repair options and tap it on the QuickBooks installer.
  • Simply run the QuickBooks after the reconstruction process is completed so that the application is used.
  • Finally, check that the QuickBooks Update Error 1328 is still displayed.


At the time of upgrade, download, repair, and un-installation, the QuickBooks Support Phone Number can arrive. The major reason for this mistake is that you have installed different versions of QuickBooks and you have placed a license key for different QuickBooks versions. This error can also be triggered by .tmp files and the config.msi folder stooping at the end of the upgrade. You will correct this mistake by setting up config.msi files. Rest and read more about config.msi files. Rest, or you can email our QuickBooks error support and they can help you. You can reach us out for help by sending us mail at (support@quickbookssupport.net). You could also check out our website at www.quickbooksupport.net to get more information concerning the QuickBooks.

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