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Know about the Connection Wizard for Starting QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale with QuickBooks Customer Care Support

We will be updated to know about getting started with QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale where you will resolve the issue to be displayed in QuickBooks Desktop point of Sale.

When you are starting with QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, there the connection with database wizard gets pops up, but it won’t allow you to open the company file. This may result or happen if:

  • When the network settings are not configured properly
  • When the regional setting in Windows is not correct.
  • The firewall blocks access to the company file of QuickBooks
  • When QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is not installed in an appropriate manner.

Get along with these steps to resolve the issue given by QuickBooks Customer Care Support team:

Method 1: Configure the server database manager

  • Click on the server and if at all it is opening, close QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Click on the Windows Starticon, then type “services.msc”. Then hit “Enter”.
  • In the list of services, double-click on the version of the QBPOS Database Managerwhen you make in use.
  • In the General tab, click on Automaticfrom the Start up type drop-down menu.
  • In the Log Ontab, then click on Local System Account and Allow service to interact with desktop.
  • Choose Apply, then click back on the General
  • Choose Stop, and wait for the Database Manager to stop.
  • Click on Start, wait for the Database Manager to start, then hit OK.
  • Reopen QuickBooks Point of Sale on both server and workstation computer.

If this method worked out, then you can process with this accounting software, immediately contact QuickBooks Point of Sale Support.

Method 2: Use the connectivity troubleshooting tool

  • Download and use QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Connectivity Tool.
  • Verify the QuickBooks Point of Sale Installation type:
    • Client workstation – Reinstall QuickBooks Point of Sale as Server workstation.
    • Server workstation – if you are working on this station, try for next step

Consult with the team of QuickBooks Customer Care Support

Method 4: Rename your company file

  • In the Services window, then stop the QuickBooks Point of Sale Database Manager service.
    • In your keyboard click on the Windows key R.
    • In the Run window type services.msc, then click on OK.
    • Locate for the version of your QuickBooks Point of Sale Database Manager.
    • Right-click on it, then click on Stop.
  • Click on C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale (version)\Data.
  • Right-click on the folder which will reconcile with your company name, then click on Rename.
  • Add an X before the name of the company, then hit Enter.
  • Return to the Services window.
  • Right-click on your QuickBooks Point of Sale Database Manager, then click on Start.
  • Open QuickBooks Point of Sale, then try to open the company file you renamed.

If the file gets opened in an exact manner, then you can again assign it back with the original company name.

  • Click on the Filemenu, click on Company Operations, and then choose Rename company.

Hope, this has resolved the issues of your company file for getting the connection wizard on your own, if still you are facing the issue, contact QuickBooks Customer Care Support. Get in touch with our executives available 24*7 to help you for making your accounting stress free. Drop us a mail on our mail id at support@quickbooksupport.net.

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