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The QuickBooks is the one of the most common Small Business accounting software. One of the biggest challenges faced by those people who want to use this accounting software is to migrate their current data to QuickBooks without missing or needing the fill in the details through hand, you can even use the QuickBooks conversion tool to make sure that the most important consideration is the type of software you used and that there is no converter for that specific software package.

QuickBooks’ main advantage and features is that, the QuickBooks conversion tool helps you to migrate your company file from another system. This conversion tool conducts a dynamic operation without violating data protection.

In this article we will understand the advanced features of the conversion tools, limitation, set requires and ways to use the conversion tools.

Some of the Features of the QuickBooks Conversion Tools

Some of the features of the QuickBooks conversion tool are described below:

  • The QuickBooks Conversion Tool supports with the setup process to convert the QuickBooks company files.
  • It helps in obtaining the  user information  from the most recent ‘QuickBooks Organization’
  • This tool does not alter the current / existing company data file.
  • This tool is absolutely safe in data context since no data security is compromised when converting.
  • Quickly convey the state of business at hand.
  • Provides the user the ability to build a list. Using this tool, the users will also be able to list plus balance and past transactions.
  • To hold your records, it creates a log file of the conversion process so you can conveniently view them afterwards.

 Some Limitations of QuickBooks Conversion Tool

The QuickBooks conversion tool has several advanced features but with that there are certain drawbacks too.

So, there are several specific restrictions on transferring business data, account balances and transactions to QuickBooks from some other financial software.

It can alter the employee list details relating to social protection number as well as casual account balance data from QuickBooks payroll.    T here is a few payroll data that QuickBooks Conversion Tool cannot convert-salary, employee year to date data, payroll product, and personal wages for employees. As asset products are set to run tickets, expenses of job and partly closed or closed series of sales, and purchase orders.

Things that are needed for the QuickBooks Conversion Tool

Below, we have mentioned the following items that are required for the QuickBooks Conversion Tool:

  • The QuickBooks Software is downloaded and registered well.
  • The Software such as MS- SBA 2006, MS Office Accounting 2008 and Peach tree needs to be configured properly on your device.
  • We need to have the Window Vista, Window 7, 8 or 10 and XP operating system.
  • Your device must have a minimum of 512 MB of RAM.
  • NET 2.0 framework must be built on your system.
  • Minimum 2 GB of free hard disk space should be available.
  • 500 MHz processing speed or above should be there.
  • Intel Pentium II Processor is required.


Ways to Use the QuickBooks Conversion Tool

To correctly use the QuickBooks conversion tool follow the steps mentioned beneath:

Don’t overlook to verify and ensure that the QuickBooks is enabled, registered and licensed in your device before you begin to use the “QuickBooks Conversion Tool.” Also, please ensure that either Peach tree or Microsoft software (which is the version of the file to be converted) is configured properly on your device.

Let us just begin the process, then:-

  • Open this tool first, and then double click on the QuickBooks Conversion Tool application.
  • After that pick one of those two options: My own company or My Customer Company.
  • And after that select your accounting software from the drop-down menu you are converting from.
  • Then select next
  • Afterwards, Choose ‘company file’ and tap next to proceed
    • Then Pick your QuickBooks product, and select where to keep the company data file.
    • Then, to continue click on ‘Next.’
    • After that pick the conversion rate according to the transaction and list only
    • Afterwards, just press NEXT
    • Select the Accounting options according to the name and date, and click next
    • Then verify your data to see if there is an error.
    • After that Press the Start button
    • It will take a bit of time to complete, because it depends mostly on file size, then you’ll see the conversion list.
    • Then Press the Finish button, at last.


Hope the above stated article will help you to learn the way to use the QuickBooks conversion tool. Thus we have a trained team of QuickBooks customer care who are accessible 24/7 for their customers to fix the problem.

Users don’t have to pay any extra cents or put any burden on their pockets since the service number is toll-free and delivers immediate support so they can operate without any complications. Support personnel are well aware of the problems and understand the right solution for each and almost every single issue.

Thus the users can search for the right ways i.e. to overcome these challenges and contradictions by the   QuickBooks support. You can contact us on QuickBooks customer care phone number and our qualified specialist will pick your call and address all the issues and challenges you experience while using the software. We consider our professionals to be among the most competent and polite. We are committed to provide our best knowledge and support to our Customers. You can also email us at (support@quickbooksupport.net).

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