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Know How to Use Auto-Recall to Pre-fill Transactions with Help of QuickBooks Support

There can be a possibility that while creating a bill any particular line item was automatically included from the previous bill and this is called Auto-Recall. This feature uses whatever information we put in last transaction for a particular vendor or buyer or product to input in a new bill or transaction. Other than the date it
takes all the information.

Let us see what all does this auto-recall feature can do for us:

  •  If there is a bill or transaction which is same as previous one or may be same with slight changes, we can use this feature to pre fill information from previous transaction. We can update the changes in the required fields and save the transaction as new.
  • When we are filling transaction for a particular vendor, after selecting their name, through this feature QuickBooks online will complete the new transaction with all the information of that specific vendor from previous one.
  • If this auto-recall feature is turned on whatever information we are putting in this transaction will be saved for future when we use the same vendor or
    customer or item.

To use this feature we need to turn it on which is a quiet easy and quick procedure. When we do it there are certain changes that we should be aware of.

Let us see how we configure Auto Recall setting to pre-fill transactions : 

i. Go to the Toolbar.

ii. Click on the Gear icon there.

iii. Scroll to Your Company option.

iv. Then select Account and Settings

v. On the left hand side with all the settings options there is one option Advanced.

vi. Under Automation section, click on edit which looks like a pencil icon.

vii. Put a check on Pre-fill forms with previously entered content to enable auto-recall. When it is not needed you may uncheck the box to disable this same auto-recall feature.

viii. At the bottom of this Automation section click on Save

ix. Finally click on Done to record your changes.

This recall feature is very important and can make many changes in your transaction so you need to be very careful while it is turned on as most of the information will be pre-filled.

It is important to note that in case of employee’s time-sheet the only information that is recalled is location.

If case you face any issue further or have any question you are recommended to contact QuickBooks Support representative for further assistance.

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