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We know that a purchase order is very essential part of any company. Hence, it is very important to know how to use purchase order.

First let us see what purchase order is.

A purchase order is a document or you can say it is an official offer shared by a purchaser to a seller giving information about quality & quantity of goods and services and the value of those products and services they require from seller. It helps in expressing a clear picture of the expectations of the buyer from seller. It even helps in keeping a track of product ordered and products received.

If there is no formal contract between the two parties then this purchase order works as an agreement for them.

Using a purchase order in QuickBooks Online is very easy which can be accomplished in few steps:

1. We initiate with enabling purchase order first.

› Go to the Toolbar.

› Click on the Gear Icon

› Scroll to Accounts and Settings

› Go to Expenses on the left of the Window.

› Next to purchase order click on pencil like icon.

› Put a check mark on Use Purchase order box.

› You may even fill Default Message with the information about purchase order.

› Click on Save and finally it is Done.

2. Then we input a detailed purchase order.

› Go to the Toolbar.

› Click on addition symbol (+)

› Then scroll to Purchase order.

› Supplier can be selected or added from the Supplier drop-down.

› To choose a customer, click on Ship To drop down and select your customer.

› Fill all the fields as needed or asked.

› To finally enter the purchases in purchase order go to Account detail and Item detail.

› Now Save and send else Save and close.

3. Later this purchase order which is created is placed for a transaction.

› Go to the Toolbar.

› Click on addition symbol (+)

› Then scroll to Bill, Cheque, or Expense.

› Supplier can be selected or added from the Supplier drop-down.

› Towards the right you will see a section for Purchase Order

› Here, click on Add. This will add purchase order to the transaction.

4. Then payment of some part of that purchase order is taken care, either received or paid.

It is possible that you can make or receive partial payment on a purchase order.

› Once the purchase order is added to the transaction which we already discussed above.

› Purchase Order details will be added in the item detail section. Then we can update the amount partially paid or the part quantity for which the amount is paid.

5. Finally report of the purchase order is run.

In your QuickBooks online there are a multiple reports which are there to assist you with your purchase order.

› So, here in your QuickBooks on the left you see an option Report.

› Here under reports click on Expenses and Suppliers.l

› You may select any report to run or customize them.

If you face difficulty at any step or have any question regarding any part of purchase order we recommend you to Call QuickBooks Support representative for further assistance.

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