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Getting stuck at the time of paying bills to your vendors? Not to worry please contact QuickBooks Phone Number USA for any kind of issues. In this article, you will come to know about how to pay bills in QuickBooks Desktop. After copying what you owe in QuickBooks Desktop, you can use Pay Bills to clear up your payable for different vendors. You can also apply the equivalent discount or credit for each payment you make. Here is the method of how to do it.

How do I pay a bill/payable?

• Move to the Vendors menu, and then select Pay Bills.

• If you are using more than 1 Accounts Payable account, select the suitable one from the Account Payable Account drop-down.

• Select the bills you want to pay from the table.

How do I select bills?

o To select a bill to pay, mark the checkbox from the checked column.

o To select all the bills in the list, select select All Bills.

o To unmarked all bills and start over, select Clear Selections.

Why is my bill not showing?

• You still have to enter the bill.

• If you have already entered the bill and selected the Show all bills radio button, you may need to scroll up and down to find your bill.

• If there are too many bills listed, you can contract down the entered bills by selecting Due on or before then specifying the date on the Show bills section.

• You have multiple Account Payable accounts and the bill is not in the selected A/P account.

• The bill is already paid. You can run the Transaction List by Vendor report to check.

o Go to the Reports menu,

o Click on Vendors & Payables and then Transaction List by Vendor.

o Customize the report to include the Billing status column.

• Click on Customize Report.

• Select Billing Status from the Columns section.

• Select OK.

• Set any discount or credit you want to apply on your bills.


Discount is a fixed amount or percentage you deduct from your total amount you owe to the vendor. You can set QuickBooks to automatically use a fixed amount or you can enter your own. To enter a discount:

o Mark the suitable bill, and then click on Set Discount.

o Enter the discount amount.

o Note that the discount amount cannot be greater than the amount of the bill.

o From the Discount Account drop-down menu, select the account you use to track discount income.

o You can also click on Add New if you do not have one set up yet.

o If you’re using classes to track account balances, choose the appropriate class from the Discount Class drop-down.

o Select Done.


Credit is the amount the vendor deducts from the amount you owe. The Credits window displays the available credit. You can set QuickBooks to automatically use available credits or you can manually set it. To set credits:

• Mark the appropriate bill, then selects Set Credits.

• Select the credits that you want to apply.

• Select Done.

• Select payment date and method


o From the Method drop-down menu, click on Check.

o Select the suitable radio button.

• To be printed: QuickBooks will prepare a check for the vendor and add it to the list of checks to be printed.

• Assign check number: Choose this option if you plan to manually write the check or use a debit card. From the Account drop-down, choose the bank account from which you want to pay the bills.
Credit card

• From the Method drop-down menu, click on Credit Card.

• From the Account drop-down menu

• Select the credit card account from which you want to pay the bills.

• Select Pay Selected Bills.

• The Payment Summary window appears.

• Select Done if you are finished paying bills

• Select Pay More Bills to return to the Pay Bills window.

If you pay using Direct Deposit

• Select Send Direct Deposit to view the payments that are queued to be sent to the Direct Deposit service.

• Select Send.

If you pay using Online Bank Payment

• Look out for the payments under the Send Items to your bank section of your Bank Feeds.

• Select Send items.

We really hope that this post managed to pay bills on your own for advanced functioning. Our technical team will make sure to find out more such related articles you come across. If you still face any kind of query related to this error feel free to contact QuickBooks Phone Number USA as our support team is available 24X7 or you can directly mail us at support@quickbooksupport.net.

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