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Receiving Error 102 on QuickBooks? Contact QuickBooks Customer Support

When you launch QuickBooks you might come across an error, Error 102. Why does this error occur?

Error 102 occurs when there are issues on bank’s end. There can be a condition in which the website is facing slowness due to technical difficulties, either it is under maintenance or an update. The server can also be down which is restricting any kind of information transfer between the bank website and QuickBooks.

Let us see what all can we do to fix this error?

Check with your bank, you may call the bank or check the website to see if there are any reports of maintenance or upgrade. If you see there is no such information of any issue with the website or the bank then we recommend you to update your account in the application. This you can do manually by clicking on the Refresh All icon on the top of the page where you see the entire bank list in QuickBooks. Click on the Gear Icon and Navigate to Bank Accounts to see all the bank accounts that are updated there.

If you come across difficulty or have any question you may even contact QuickBooks Customer Care support for any of your queries.

There can be another possibility of the error that your account with the bank is new or your credit card is new. In this case it might take few days for the new account or the card to function normally and smoothly with online banking. To ensure if this can be the scenario with you we suggest you to contact your bank or the credit card company with whom you have the account.

We recommend you to kindly sign in to your bank’s site and see if you are able to do so successfully. Once you are successfully signed in to your account check for any notification or alert which has information about any functionality issues on bank’s end. Please verify and be sure that you are able to view all your account details without any difficulty. This includes your transaction history and account summary.

After checking everything that is mentioned above if you are still facing issues with bank or your card website you are suggested to wait for at least 24 hours to allow any problem to get fixed and everything goes up and running with the servers and websites. If the problem persists for more than 24 hours now you may contact the bank or reach out to us.

If you still have any questions or if any further assistance is needed we are here to help you. You are recommended to contact QuickBooks Customer Support or you may even reach out to us via our chat support.

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