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Need to know How To Do a Clean installation of QuickBooks Desktop then Call QuickBooks Customer Support

There can be a situation in which our company file is not working properly. In this case we will uninstall QuickBooks Desktop and do a clean installation.

We can do a basic reinstall when a particular issue affects more than one company files but that might not work. Here what we can do is a clean installation. A clean installation of QuickBooks Desktop will take care of multiple issues like repairing problem that is preventing your company file from opening or any display issues and many other such issues in which QuickBooks Desktop is misbehaving while functioning.

How does this clean install works?

A clean install makes sure that the QuickBooks Desktop software and the files that are used to install it are completely and properly reinstalled on your computer. Just for you to know, when this replacement of software and the files is occurring you need not worry about any of your information as it neither affects your data or the company files that carry that information.

Since a basic reinstall is simpler hence quick to go ahead with we initiate our troubleshooting with the same. It normally works and fixes all your issues with QuickBooks Desktop.

If you are not sure about the steps for basic installation of the QuickBooks desktop then we recommend you to contact QuickBooks Technical Support for further assistance.

If we see that the basic installation is not working for us then we know what the next step is for us without worrying about our data getting affected.

Before proceeding kindly keep your license number in your easy reach. This number you can either get on the original packing or the email conformation which you got while purchasing.

Even make a note of the product details like year and version and keep it handy. Your account management portal can provide you this information.

Now, we will go ahead with downloading a complete new installation file for the version of QuickBooks that we have. This will ensure that we have the latest update for our version of software.

Note: To be on a safe side we suggest you to make sure that you backup your company file to keep all your work secure.

Next we will proceed with uninstalling the QuickBooks Desktop.

› To do this first let us launch Control Panel. Go to the start menu, type “Control Panel” in search and there you have it.

› This will open with a screen that will give you multiple options about the settings of your machine.

› There go to Programs and Features.

› This will open a page that says “Uninstall or change program”.

› There scroll down to QuickBooks and click on it.

› This will give you an option to Uninstall/Change the program.

› Go ahead with uninstalling.

In case you face difficulty while uninstalling QuickBooks desktop then we recommend you to contact QuickBooks Customer Support for further assistance.

Next we will use the QuickBooks Clean install tool.

› The clean install will start with renaming your existing install folders for you. This will make sure that the install files are properly added when we reinstall.

› Please click on the link to download the Clean Install Tool => Link to download QuickBooks Clean install Tool

› This might prompt you to save the file which you can do on your desktop for an easy approach.

› When you open the folder you will find a file with a name QuickBooks_Clean_Install_Utility.exe

› Once you try to open or run it your windows will give a pop up box for permission. The box will ask to allow if you want this application to make changes to your machine. Please click on yes.

› For the license agreement page go ahead with the option I Accept.

› Here, choose the bullet icon for version of your QuickBooks and enter the product version. This we have already noted down as it was mentioned above.

› Next click on Continue

› Now you will get a notification that will ask you to install a copy of QuickBooks to the default location. There click on OK.

Once the Clean Install Tool installation finishes you are good to go ahead with reinstallation of your QuickBooks Desktop.

Finally the final step would be downloading and reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop. You may use the below mentioned link for downloading it.

Download Here

If you have any queries or you are facing any kind of issue while uninstalling or reinstalling we recommend you to contact us on our QuickBooks Technical Support Number or you may reach out to us via chat support. You can even send us an email at support@quickbookssupport.net with all the details of the issues you are facing with QuickBooks Desktop.

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