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Know How To Resolve QuickBooks Error -6094, 0 With The Help Of Quickbooks Error Support

This article will help you to resolve your issues with the database. An issue in database causes QuickBooks Error -6094, 0 (6010, 2). When a user tries to start the database they may encounter QB error code 6094.QuickBooks support team will hereby guide you with solutions to fix your problem.

Sometimes it is your Security program updates which cause following error to appear on the screen when a user tries to open QuickBooks Desktop

“An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to start the database server that manages access to the QuickBooks  Error -6094, 0

Multiple anti-virus programs such as PC Tools Internet Security, AVG Antivirus, and Spy Hunter Malware is the main cause of this error as it blocks QuickBooks to function properly.

Note: you may require checking your third-party security program settings and performing an update if required. For more assistance, you can contact QuickBooks Customer Support on the toll-free number.

Given below are some troubleshooting steps. Follow the steps in the given order to resolve the issue:

1. Update your anti-virus software to the latest release.

2. From the virus vault or quarantine, restore qbdmgr.exe and qbdmgrN.exe.

3. You need to prevent scanning of the QuickBooks Desktop Directory. You can do that by adding exceptions to your anti-virus software.

Check settings for your PC Tools Internet Security

Given below are the steps to restore “infections” that have been quarantined:

a. Go to the settings menu and select Quarantine.

b. Choose the items you want to restore and select the Restore option.

c. Click on Yes and then press OK.

You may require setting up an exception in order to prevent scanning of QuickBooks directory. Follow the steps given below:

a. Go to the PC Tools Internet Security menu and click on Settings.

b. From the settings menu, Select Global Action List, and then click on Add .you can select the files to be excluded from scanning process.

c. Once you add the files, click on OK.

If you are using AVG Anti-Virus

Follow the steps given below to prevent QuickBooks directory for being scanned by AVG Anti-virus:

a. Close the running QuickBooks application and open the user interface for your AVG Anti-Virus.

b. Once you see Resident Shield, double-click on that and click on Manage Exceptions.

c. Choose Add Path, and then add the following path C:\Program Files\Intuit.

NOTE: you need to add the folder path where your QuickBooks is installed.

d. Click on OK and Save Changes. This will prevent your directory from being scanned.

NOTE: you may require restoring all QuickBooks file quarantined by AVG Anti-Virus.

To check for quarantined QuickBooks files follow the given steps:

a. Open history from AVG Anti-Virus User Interface.

b. Select Virus Vault and look for QuickBooks files that have been quarantined.

Example: qb.exe, qbw32.exe, qbdbmgr.exe, qbdbmgrn.exe

c. If you want to restore any file, choose the necessary files, then click on Restore and then Close.

d. Re-Open your QuickBooks Desktop.

You can also check if there is any renamed file in the installation directory. Follow the steps given below to check for renamed files in the installation Directory:

a. Close running QuickBooks application.

b. Check the following folder: C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks. The folder will display files in the install directory that were renamed.


c. Once you locate the file, replace the name of the file with the original name.

Example qbdbmgrn.exe

d. Re-open your QuickBooks Desktop.

4. Perform repairing of your QuickBooks desktop.

If you face trouble while performing any of the steps, get in touch with QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

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