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Know How To Resolve Potential Data Issues With The Help Of QuickBooks Support

This article is really helpful if you are getting potential data issues in your QuickBooks. In case you are constantly getting error messages or your QuickBooks is showing unusual behavior then there might be some issue with your QuickBooks program which needs to be diagnosed and resolved. The QuickBooks support team will guide you on how you can easily resolve potential data issues in your QuickBooks. For direct assistance with your QuickBooks, you can contact QuickBooks Customer Support team.

To troubleshoot error messages in your QuickBooks you are required to run the Rebuild and Verify Utility. It is an essential step to resolve potential data issues.

Rebuild data Utility

It repairs the damage in your QuickBooks company file. Running rebuild data utility fixes the update issues in QuickBooks. Follow the steps given below to run rebuild data utility:

• Open QuickBooks and go to the utility menu. From the utilities menu, choose Rebuild Data.

• You may see a prompt asking to take a backup of your company file, click on OK.

Note: sometimes an error message can be displayed on your screen showing “QuickBooks is not responding”. In that case, check if you are able to move your cursor on the screen. As long as your mouse cursor moves, it indicates that Rebuild is still going on. Wait for the rebuild to get complete.

• Click on OK once you see the following message on the screen “Rebuild has completed “. Once rebuild is completed, proceed with the next step.

Verify data Utility

Follow the steps given below to run verify data utility:

• Open QuickBooks and go to the QuickBooks File menu, from the menu select Utilities, and then select Verify Data.

• When the following message appears: QuickBooks detected no problem with your data, click on OK. At this point, you can continue using your company file.

• You will be prompted once verify utility detects a problem. You will see the options to Rebuild Now or View Errors. Click on Rebuild Now.

If you see errors even after running verify data utility:

• You need to perform Rebuild again. To completely resolve the problem, Rebuild needs to be run two or three times. Rebuild data utility works as long as the error messages are changed without looping.

If rebuild data utility and verify data utility doesn’t fix the error, you would require using QuickBooks file doctor tools.

The tool will diagnose and repair all the damages in QuickBooks or company file which are not resolved by running rebuild utility.

• Make sure to download the latest version of the QuickBooks File Doctor. If you already have the tool, update it to the new version before using it. It recommended uninstalling the older version if you are downloading a new version on the same PC.

• Press”CTRL+A” to browse files in order to identify the issue you’re trying to resolve

QuickBooks file doctor tool repairs your damaged company file and fixes other network issues as well.

For assistance with the tool, you can contact QuickBooks support.

Some Unrecoverable errors

If you have used the tools but are still getting the following errors:

• 503 (QBO error)

• -6150, 1006

• C=44

• “Database disk image is malformed”

• -14113, 0

You may need to restore your old company file and create a new one. Contact QuickBooks Support to know how to create a backup or restore a backup of your QuickBooks company file.

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