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Call QuickBooks Support USA and Know How to Get a Snapshot of your Business Finances

In this article you will get to know how you can get and view a snapshot of your business finances. To know more call QuickBooks Support USA.

In case you are searching for a quick snapshot of the condition of your business, you just need to look no to your QuickBooks Online home page. Your QuickBooks Online home page home displays all the necessary information needed to know the current status of your business income and expenses. The change in these values displays a real-time overview of the finances of your company.

Read the article further to know how these home page updates work.

You’ll see a home page balance if you have connected a cash bank account for the most recent download QuickBooks performed, for example, a checking or money market, to QuickBooks online (There might be a difference in your actual bank balance due to this.)

You’ll only see the balance for the first account which you have connected in case of more than one cash bank account.

The balance that is visible on your home page will be from the transactions you enter if you are adding a checking amount manually. So, this balance is based on what you enter and not the actual bank balance.

How to customize a Snapshot tab?

Snapshot lets you perform all tasks from a single place and provides real-time and consolidated information.

In QuickBooks, there are two kinds of snapshots tabs available:

• Company Snapshot

• Payments Snapshot

Company Snapshot

By adding, moving, and removing content you can easily customize any of these tabs in order to see the content you want to see. You can also restore the pages to its original default settings if you need to.

Add content

• Select the Add Content button to open the content gallery.

• Select Show Preview to preview charts, graphs, and other available content.

• To include the content to your snapshot, select Add then Done.

Remove content

• In the upper right corner of a content panel, click on X by doing this you can remove it from your snapshot. The removed content goes back into the content gallery. If you want it later you can add it back.
Move content

• In order to move content, drag the content panel by its header to the location where you want it to be and release.

Restore defaults

At the top of the page, click on the restore defaults button in order to restore the snapshot into its original settings. The remaining panels return to their original position if any content panels you added are moved back into the gallery. The date ranges return to their original settings.

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