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Steps to Export Data to Desktop, To Know More Call QuickBooks Support

In this article you will learn how to export data from QuickBooks online to desktop. For further information you can call QuickBooks Support.

Prepare your data for export

• Open QuickBooks Online Company.

• Click on the Gear icon at the top. Choose Export Data under Tools. As soon as you choose Export, a pop-up window asking for your reason to export will appear.
You can answer it if you want to simply skip it.

• To understand the process, read through the Export Overview and select Get Started.

From the Step 1: Select Install to install the ActiveX Controls and prepare the export window.

• Click on Install ActiveX Control Now.

• Click on continue when the screen displays confirmation of the installation.

• Click on Continue. You can skip steps 2-3 of this page if you have performed the steps required to prepare for the export.

• Select the data which you want to export, and then click on Continue.

In the Step 3: Review how your data will be changed after the export, request your data page and then select Continue.

• Enter your contact information and select Continue and Close.

Note: Depending on the amount of data that is being prepared you will receive a mail mentioning the steps to complete the export conversion. As soon as you receive this email it is confirmed that your data has been compiled and you can now proceed to the next steps.

Export from QuickBooks Online

You will need to repeat a series of steps to get the Continue to download option within the export process.

• Click on the Gear icon present at the top. Choose Export Data under tools.

• Click on Get Started.

• Select Continue.

Note: These steps can be skipped if you are on the same computer in which you performed the previous steps because the ActiveX Controls is already installed.

• Choose the data to export, and then click on Continue.

• Select Continue to download in the Exporting from QuickBooks Online page.

• Make sure that the version of QuickBooks Desktop, to which you are exporting, is open and is sitting at the No Company Open screen.

IMPORTANT: You need to close that file prior to proceeding if a company file is currently open.

How do I close a QuickBooks company?

Go to File and then select Close Company.

Note: After this you will be placed at the No Company Open screen.

• Click on Download.

• Select a location to save the export_company file in the Save your company file pop-up window that appears.

Note: We do not recommend you to change the file name or to save the file to your Windows Desktop.

• As soon as the file finishes downloading, click on Convert Now.

• Give the file a name and save the file to a local directory in the Create new QuickBooks file pop-up window.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend you to save the file to your local directory. In case you attempt to save the file to a network directory or external media, it may result in conversion failing.

A pop-up dialogue window will appear on the screen containing a status bar. Check QuickBooks desktop for an Application Certificate if the status bar does not appear to b progressing.

How can I allow conversion and check QuickBooks for an Application Certificate?

Click on your active QuickBooks desktop session in the windows task bar and bring it to the foreground.

Note: After this the Application Certificate will display on the screen.

Select Yes within the application certificate, prompt each time and select Continue.

Click Done in the following confirmation window.

Note: Now, With your QuickBooks Online data, a new company file will build itself within QuickBooks desktop. When it’s done, QuickBooks will open within the new file when the company file is completed.

• Click on finish after the export completes.

To know more QuickBooks and different functioning of QuickBooks you can call QuickBooks Support Number. You can also reach us by to us at support@quickbooksupport.net 

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