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Manage you QuickBooks Online ID Password with the help of QuickBooks Support

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In this article you will how to manage your QuickBooks online ID and password. To know more you can contact QuickBooks Support.

How to change your user ID and password in QuickBooks Online

Now, it’s easy to change your user ID , password and other user info in QuickBooks Online.

With the help of Intuit Account Manager you can manage your profile even if you are not logged in. Use Intuit Account manager to edit your personal info if you are an accountant manger.

If you are working with multiple companies, try to consolidate them under a single user ID to get a better login experience.


• Click on the Gear icon present at the top.

• Choose User Profile under profile.

• Select edit and change your QuickBooks user ID or email address.

• Select Security from the left menu to change your password and then select Edit.

• On Intuit Account Manager, change your user ID or password


• Using your QuickBooks login, sign in at accounts.intuit.com .

• Select Edit and change your user ID or email address.

• Select Security from the left menu to change your password and then click on Edit.

How to Reset or Recover your User ID in QuickBooks Online

Do you need to get your User Id or reset your QuickBooks Online password? Follow the steps below to loggin into your account again.

You can use QuickBooks or Intuit account manager to access your account by simply changing your user ID or password.

• Go to qbo.intuit.com.

• Click on I forgot my user ID or Password.

• Follow the instructions given on the screen. You’ll receive an email with a password reset link if you have used your e-mail address or user ID to verify your account .

If you do not receive the email:

1. Check your Spam or Junk folders.

2. Add do_not_reply@intuit.com to your contact list.

3. Cross check all email addresses you might’ve used to sign up to your account.

Important: You need to have access to the email that you used at the time of signing up for QuickBooks online to proceed with password reset or user ID recovery. If you no longer have access, send us an email change request. Enter your personal details such as phone number, email address, or user ID, an then click on Continue.

To know more on how to manage you QuickBooks Online user ID and password, call QuickBooks support number at 1 ( 877 ) 227 2303. You can also reach us at support@quickbooksupport.net.

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