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QuickBooks quick fixes your tax calculations. Small scale organizations have lot in common when it comes to filling GST but a single quality which makes every business unique is partial or complete effect on tax return. Excel sheets were the older version of accounting and was the simplest way of tax filing. We tried to take your GST process to next level by some simple customizable tools.

Tax Rates Applied To Your Business

As your business grows, accordingly tax process also grows. QuickBooks Customer Support has solutions that fit into your business growth. In previous versions of QuickBooks, customers were presented with a complete list of tax rates and had to pick the rates which were applied to them. That was a time-consuming task, since this was the process for each transaction as if customer had to go for the same for every individual transaction.

Ignore Irrelevant Taxes

QuickBooks provides list of tax rates in transactions. You can deactivate those rates which are not applied to your business and activate all the relevant tax rates. Once you have activated certain tax rates, only those options will be in the transaction fields for both sales and purchase. This feature removes the confusion of unnecessary tax rates, simplifying the process.

How to Use the New Feature

  • Sign-in to QuickBooks Account >> Scroll to taxes section
  • Select Edit GST >> Choose Edit
  • Select all tax rates that are applicable to you.

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