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If you want to file electronically

In this if you have filed electronically then you can only verify the status of your payroll forms. If status is showing submission of form, you can now discard form and submit a new form.

To verify the status of the form:

  • Select the Taxes & Forms tab option.
  • Click on the exact category of your form.
  • Select the form that you want to verify.
  • If Form Status is
    • Submitted: If you have already clicked on “Submit” and we have the form. The form will be transmitted when the reporting period finishes.
    • Progressive: Your forms are now transmitted to the exact Federal or State Agency.
    • Completed: Your form has been productively filed.

 How to Delete and create a new form?

  • First step is to Delete the form
    • Select the Taxes & Forms tab.
    • Choose View Archived Forms.
    • Choose the correct form and select Delete.
  • Make the essential changes
  • Generate and submit a new form.
    • Choose the To Do tab.
    • Select To file your form.
    • Generate and submit form.

How to Print tax and payroll Forms

If you have not e mailed your form, you can create the changes, then generate and print a new form. You can record the new form along with the previous form.

  • Do  the needful changes (Wages, Taxes or Personal Information)
  • Generate and submit a new form.
    • Select the Taxes & Forms option.
    • Choose Quarterly Forms or Annual Forms.
    • Select the exact form and click on the duration of tax.
    • Select View and do the needful
    • Analyze the details on the tax form.
    • Double-click on the Tax Form window and choose Print Mac Users: Hold CTRL+P.
    • Click on Close to exit from the tax form window.
  • Come back to the page of the tax form and choose Archive to save the copy of the form.
  • Sign and send the printed tax form.
  •  You can now search the address to send the tax form on the instructions page.

We really hope that this post has managed to solve all you queries regarding tax and payroll forms. If still error persists, feel free to contact QuickBooks Customer Care support @ 1-800-731-1629 and you can also drop us a mail at support@quickbooksupport.net.

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