QuickBooks Technical Support Explains How to Use and Set up Location Tracking and Categories

How To Use And Set Up Categories In QuickBooks?

Classifying products and services which are sold to customers and help in making accounting for inventory easy is known as category in QuickBooks. You can better understand sales volume and who’s buying what with the help of Categorizing. To know more call QuickBooks technical support.

You can save time by searching for items by category, when completing transaction form.

How to set up categories?

• Select Sales on the left menu and then click on Product and Services.

• Click on the More dropdown on the upper right, and choose Manage Categories.

• On the upper right, select New category.

By selecting Add New on the category drop down you can create a category by setting up or editing an item or service.

How to Edit or delete a category?

• On the upper right, click on the Gear icon.

• Select All Lists under the lists section.

• Choose Product Categories.

• Select Edit on the category you want to edit from the list.

You can make changes in the category name, its place in the hierarchy (moving it to the top level, or under and sub-category). You can also delete it by using the Remove button.

Items within the category or a sub-category will be either move up one sub-category level or will be reclassified as categorized if you remove a category or sub category.

How to Use and Setup Location Tracking In QuickBooks?

To categorize data from different locations of a company Location tracking is used. You can efficiently manage groups of transactions by assigning locations. This amazing feature offered by QuickBooks lets you access all the payments for one location and deposit different payments as a group. Payments are automatically assigned to the location which was given to the invoice when it was entered when you receive it.

1. Turn on Location Tracking

• Click on the Gear icon at the top.

• Select Account and Settings (also known as Company Settings) under your company.

• You will find preferences for Categories under the Advanced tab or the Company tab. It depends on your version of QuickBooks you are using.

• To track locations, select the pencil icon and put a check mark on the box.

• Click on Save and then select Done.

2. Add location

• Click on the Gear icon at the top.

• Select All lists under lists.

• Select Locations.

• Click on New in the upper right and add the Name of the location you wish to track.

• Choose Save.

3. Edit or delete a location

• Click on the Gear icon at the top.

• Select All lists under lists.

• Select Locations.

• Select the location you want to edit or delete, choose Edit or Delete from the drop-down list on the action column.

• Click on Save.

4. Make an inactive location active

• Click on the Gear icon present at the top.

• Select All lists under lists.

• Select Locations.

• Click on the Gear icon above the action column, to Include Inactive you need to put a check mark on the box.

• On the location you want to activate, select Make active.

To know more about location tracking and categories in QuickBooks call QuickBooks technical support.

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