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QuickBooks Technical Support Helps You to Change Your Legal Address in QuickBooks

You can make changes in your legal/tax Address in QuickBooks by filling the necessary information in the form below and faxing it to intuit. You can download this form in your QuickBooks Billing/Bank Account Information screen. This article is all about how you can make changes in QuickBooks regarding your legal address. Follow it to change your legal address and if you still face any problem call QuickBooks Technical Support.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that you are also submitting your legal address change to the IRS using form 8822b.No changes are made in your legal address with the IRS. You have to submit the change directly to the IRS with the help of form 8822b.Find the section having a title Where To File for the center address applying to you on the form 8822b.

In order to change your legal address in QuickBooks you need to follow the steps given below:

• View and print IRS Form 8822b. Please note that you can change both the legal address and the shipping address with form 8822b.However, if you want to update only your legal address then you can just send the IRS form showing an update to the company’s legal address. The form will be accepted.

• Fill in the form.

• Complete your form and put your signature and the date on the form.

• Create a case by clicking and upload your signed and completed form.

Please Note: To change your legal address in your payroll tax accounts you need to follow up with your state and local tax agencies.

Update your QuickBooks Desktop

The legal address in your QuickBooks Desktop will update the first time you send payroll after the change is processed.

You can easily update your address and contact name in QuickBooks by following these steps:

• Click on My Company

• Select Company Info

• Now, select Edit

Please Note: The changes you make in the contact name and address will not affect your legal address or shipping address.

How to change your legal address with the IRS and state agencies?

• Follow the instructions on the form and it to the IRS.

• To make the legal address change with your tax accounts, follow up with your state and local agencies.

Please Note: You should notify the post office that services your old address if you are changing your address after filing your return. This is done make sure:

• Not all post offices forward government checks,

• To Notify the post office that services your old address and ensures that your mail is forwarded. (It doesn’t have to be your refund check necessarily.)

Still need help? Contact us! You can contact our team of QuickBooks technical assistance providers and resolve your issue. Call QuickBooks technical support.

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