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QuickBooks Support Explains Processing and Recording Payments in QuickBooks

How to Connect Payment Account to QuickBooks Online?

You can send invoices that get deposited directly to your bank by connecting your payments account to your QuickBooks Online Company.

Steps to connect your Payments account are:

• Click on the Gear icon at the top, and then select Company Settings.

• Choose Payments from the left menu.
(Unable to see Payments? Not a problem. Choose QuickBooks Payments instead.)

• Click on Connect.
(Unable to find the Connect button? Find Link Merchant Service, and then click on the Start here link).

• An Intuit Payment Solutions branded page opens because of an additional window or tab. The connection service automatically looks for any QuickBooks Payments accounts are automatically looked by the connection services having the same login with the user who is logged in currently. This process may take a few moments.

1. Click on the radio button which appears next to the QuickBooks Payments account you want to connect to your QuickBooks Online Company.

2. Sign in using the QuickBooks Payments account login credentials if no accounts are found.

3. Select Choose another account to link, if you are unable to see the QuickBooks payment account to which you want to connect and then sign in using the QuickBooks Payments account login credentials.

• Confirm that the correct account was selected by reviewing all important disclosures. Select Link account if everything looks right. Once it is completed the
connection service links the accounts and then informs you.

• Now, you are linked up, and you can use all of the QuickBooks Payments features. Sign out of QuickBooks Online and then sign back in.

How to Identify a Credit Card Transaction That Was Processed Through Merchant Services?

By checking the activity at the Merchant Service Center you can easily identify if the customer’s credit card payment was processed through QuickBooks Payments(also known as merchant services)or not.

To visit while signed in to QuickBooks Online:

• Click on the Gear icon at the top, and then select Account and Settings (also known as Company Settings).

• From the left navigation menu, select Payments.

• Select the Manage details button in the merchant details section.

• QuickBooks Payments Merchant Center will open in a new window.

• Search for Transactions to view your processing activity using the activity 7 reports menu.

To search for a specific transaction:

• Sign in to the online service center.

• Select Activity & Reports from the top menu.

• Click on Transactions.

• From the drop-down menu, choose your search criteria (specific date / Range of dates, etc.)Try advanced search, if you are unable to find what you are looking for.

To Know more about recording and processing payments in QuickBooks Call QuickBooks Technical Support

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