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Call QuickBooks Support and Know How to Speed Up Your QuickBooks Performance

The performance of any software doesn’t stay the same and starts to degrade with time. However, right and smart maintenance solutions can help you in easing the struggle. From small scale businesses to huge enterprises everyone is trying QuickBooks hosting on servers using enhanced security, advanced features and efficient productivity into their business. Call QuickBooks Support to know more.

Sometimes, the opposite happens, the third-party hosting solutions in QuickBooks or in-house situated servers degrade the performance of an application. Therefore, it’s better to avail proper assistance from professional hosting providers as it serves as a better solution for performance related issues.

The reasons behind bad performance by QuickBooks are network issues, heavy files and other bugs. Our QuickBooks experts have listed some recommendations to enrich your QuickBooks performance in no time.

Increase the Main Memory

Increasing the main memory to higher storage plots – 128 MB minimum and preferably 512 MB or more for servers can provide you instant help. The minimum main memory allocated officially is 64 MB and 96 MB in the newer versions of QuickBooks. This much memory is not optimal because there are many other programs running aside. Increasing the memory can help you in better functioning.

Turning Off the Automatic Updates

Every time you start your computer starts, new updates and notifications keeps on popping on the QuickBooks screen. This unwittingly spaces up your computer and degrades the performance of your QuickBooks performance. One best method to get rid of performance issues is to turn off such automatic updates. To turn off automatic updates in QuickBooks: File> Update QuickBooks> Options> Turn Off automatic update.

Making Changes in QuickBooks Preferences

Editing preferences can speed up a lot of your QuickBooks working. Yes, and that’s absolutely true!! By performing changes in the below-given preferences, you can get back your QuickBooks performance back.

• Accounting: Turn Off “Use Audit Trail”

• Reminders: Mark “Don’t Remind Me” For Everything

• General: Turn Off Warns For Editing & Deleting

• Desktop View: Don’t Show Navigator & Don’t Save the Desktop

Switch to QuickBooks Hosting

Replace your in-house server with QuickBooks hosting and get yourself free of all kinds of network issues, technical errors, and QuickBooks slow performance. With the Adoption of cloud technology you can easily access data files anytime anywhere in a secure network environment, and get improved performance with utmost flexibility.

Check QuickBooks file for errors

You can also use file repair procedures, it helps you eradicate QuickBooks file errors and helps you to keep your software performance active. As soon as you are done with your reconciling of bank accounts and are assured that your audit trail is off, you can condense all QuickBooks annual files or just archive them.


By Adopting smart cloud hosting for your QuickBooks you can keep your focus incline on core business goals Therefore ,you should adopt smart cloud hosting for your QuickBooks because it not only offers you with high-speed performance but also allow you to experience advanced business features. To know more QuickBooks Technical Support.

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