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We have some information about savings files in QuickBooks. Currently, there is no automatic periodic saving of data available. But you can schedule automatic backup. The ability to keep your QuickBooks file open for a long period maybe the reason why you’re still able to view your invoices.

In order to create a schedule automatic backup, please follow the following given steps:

  1. First, navigate to the File menu and hover over Back up Company. Then, click & select Create Local Backup.
    2.   Next, click & select Local Backup and then select next.
    3.   Then tap Browse from the Local Backup only section and choose where you want to save your backup company file.
    4.   Click & select complete verification from the Online and Local Backup section. This runs a test to make sure that your backup file is in good shape before you save.
    5.   After that, press OK.
    6.   You need to select save it now and schedule future backups and then select next
    7.   Mark the Save backup copy automatically when I close my company file box. Then, the number of times between backups.
    8.   Click & select New. Users need to fill out the data fields to create a backup schedule. After user set their schedule, select OK.
    9.   Click & select Finish.

    If you want to learn more about the back up at this guide: Call QuickBooks Support to know how to back up your QuickBooks Desktop company file with the help of QuickBooks Support USA In case, if users need help with other tasks in QBDT, then they need to browse this link and choose a topic that suits their needs or they can get on call with our experts.

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