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If we go with the literal meaning of an estimate then an estimate is an approximate calculation or measurement of any value. It can be of quantity of inventory and value of the products in QuickBooks.

Here we refer to estimates along with quotes. If we go with meaning of quotes we under that quotation stands for providing someone with an estimated cost or value of a particular service.

How do they co-relate while working?

So what actually is done is, firstly we generate an estimate which is to be provided to the customer. Then this estimation is given to the customer in form of a quotation or a proposal along with the presentation or scheme of the work and services we will be providing to them.

This entire quotation somewhat appears analogous to an invoice but it has a different task to perform. It’s foremost intention is to make the customer agree to your scheme of service and it even helps you in negotiating with the customer about the costing.

Now what happens next is, when you have completed the task and all the mentioned services are provided to the customer as per your proposal then we proceed with billing the customer for the work been performed. So here we add the information from the estimate directly to the invoice. This will help us in reducing our task of re-entering the complete information again and save us a lot of time.

Now that we know what are quotes and estimates, let us see how do we create these estimates.

  • Launch your QuickBooks and go to the ToolBar. Click on the + symbol there.
  • This will provide you certain options. There go to Customers.
  • Once selected customers then go ahead with selecting Estimate.
  • Now proceed by selecting the customer for whom an estimate needs to be created.
  • Here you will be needed to authenticate the Estimate Date. You may also enter the Expiration Date.

Provide all the details that are required. Particulars are Product/Service, Rate, Qty, Description, Tax, Amount, Customer message and even Discount which is optional to fill.

Finally go ahead and click on Save in order to finish.

In case of any questions or if you are facing any difficulty in creating an estimate then you are recommended to contact QuickBooks Customer Support for further information that are needed by you.

We now know how do we create an estimate. Let us also see how do we delete an estimate. Below mentioned are the steps to delete an existing estimate.

  • Launch your QuickBooks and navigate to the menu options on the left hand side.
  • There go to Sales or Invoicing option and at this point click on Customers.
  • Further proceed ahead by choosing the customer of whom an existing estimate needs to be deleted.
  • Now here advance yourself to Money Bar continue by clicking on Estimates.
  • Navigate to the Open Estimates section and proceed further by selecting the particular estimate.
  • Click on that estimate to open it completely on the screen.
  • Here you go to the option More and finally click on Delete.
  • This will provide you a prompt Are you sure you want to delete this estimate? Proceed by hitting on Yes.

Hope this article could explain you, in a much understanding way, about what an estimate is and what a quote is and also when are they needed and what is the purpose to use them. If you are still confused about an estimate or quotations then do not take stress and be sure that we are there to help you anytime you need.

You may call our QuickBooks Customer Care Support executive on our toll-free number.

There are other mediums also to contact us. You may contact us via chat support or even reach out to us by sending us an email at support@quickbookssupport.net

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