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Know How To Set Up Quickbooks Scan Manager With The Help Of QuickBooks Support Team

If you are looking an easy way to attach files to your invoices, sales receipt, bills and other transactions, QuickBooks Scan Manager fit best in the purpose. The following article will help you in how you can easily set up QuickBooks Scan Manager and some steps to resolve common issues or errors you may encounter while using it.

How to Set up QuickBooks Scan Manager?

Setting up QuickBooks scan manager in a correct manner is required if you have installed a new scanner or if it is the first time you are scanning documents.

Important: with the QuickBooks Scan Manager, You must use a TWAIN-compliant scanner

Step 1: Creating a Scan Profile.

a. Open the Doc Center by clicking on docs from the QuickBooks icon bar.

b. You can scan the document by Selecting the Scan a Document.

c. If not profile exists, click on New to set up a new profile or select an appropriate profile from the existing profile list.

d. Change the name of your profile, and then select Continue.

e. Click on save once you set the profile appropriately.

Note: Tshe default destination folder cannot be changed. The scanned documents will get saved to the same folder where the company file (.QBW) is stored. You would be required to change the company file location in order to change the scan destination folder.

Step 2: Setting up and testing the scanner

a. Locate and choose your profile and click on Select.

b. From the Select Scanner window that appears, click on Scanner Setup Wizard.

Note: your scanner should be listed in the current scanner field. If your scanner is not listed, select the Yes radio button and click on Next. This will download the latest scanner database from Nuance.

c. Choose the normal mode.

d. Mark the Perform Tests box, and then click on Next.

e. Select the tests you want to run for your scanner and follow the prompts by clicking on next.

f. A test page window will appear on the screen.

Mark the “Repeat this test in order to check all modes” box to perform the test in all available modes and click on next.

Once the test is completed in all the available modes, you can proceed to use your scanner with QuickBooks.

Troubleshooting Scan Manager issues:

You may experience some issues using the Scan Manager. Given below are some suggestions and solutions to get rid of those issues.

Error: QuickBooks Scan Manager not working

For any of the error messages:

Unable to scan

Driver not found

1. Make sure that you are using a TWAIN-compliant scanner.

2. Check the working of the scanner by testing it.

Check if the driver is working fine outside the QuickBooks or not. You may have to get your scanner checked if it is not working fine outside QuickBooks as well.

Or if it is giving an error with QuickBooks only, contact QuickBooks Support team.
Error 281, 1

Perform the given solutions to get rid of the error 281, 1

1. Create a new scan profile and delete the existing one.

2. Check for the user account settings in QuickBooks.

3. Opt to repair QuickBooks (if required)

4. Reinstall QuickBooks using a clean install and set up your scanner again.

If nothing helps, reach the QuickBooks support team to avoid delay in your work.

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