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Create Invoices in QuickBooks, Call QuickBooks Support Number

Getting paid in QuickBooks gets easier. Create invoices and receive payments easily. Your customers can pay to you via debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, and more. QuickBooks processes payments for you and transfers the funds to your bank account. To know more call QuickBooks Support.

Invoices with payment processing built-in

QuickBooks creates invoices having payment processing built-in. You can simply create an invoice and send it to your customers. Your customers can pay by clicking on the ‘Pay Now’ button and choose to pay via free bank transfer, credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, and more. QuickBooks processes the payment, records the transaction in your books, and transfer money to your account automatically.

Track invoices

In QuickBooks you get instant updates when your customer views or pays the invoice. You can also send Notifications to your customers and remind them to pay the invoice on time. Whenever an invoice is paid, the payment is automatically matched with the invoice in the books by QuickBooks. It saves your time and keeps your books accurate.

Customize invoices according to your business

Represent your business by creating invoices that represent your business with the help of QuickBooks. You can create invoices by choosing from a wide variety of templates and can customize the logo, colors, font, and other elements. You can also add product SKUs, discounts and other information and details.

Calculate Sales tax

QuickBooks calculates sale tax by the state for you, every time it creates an invoice. It also helps you in keeping a track of how much sales tax is accrued and how much is owed.

Add billable hours to invoices

QuickBooks makes it easy creating invoices including billable hours. You can simply track time on your Google calendar or with the help of QuickBooks time tracking and the time gets automatically added to the invoices. You can easily invoice your customers for time.

Send an encrypted link

Now, you can send invoices to your customers via text or messaging apps. Once you create an invoice in QuickBooks you can generate an encrypted link which can be texted or messaged to the customer.

Track Mileage

Want to track mileage for tax purpose just like the Uber and lyft drivers? You can do this easily with automatic GPS tracking in QuickBooks self-employed. Miles are tracked for you automatically and recorded for tax-time. It saves you time.

Track your business expenses

You can easily track your business expenses in QuickBooks. Just snap shot the receipts and it will be added to your business expense in your books by QuickBooks. Access expense reports to keep an eye on how every dollar is spent.

Bank reconciliation

You can easily reconcile your bank account with the help of QuickBooks to make out that every dollar spent by you is reported by your bank. As soon as you connect your bank account to QuickBooks it will organize and import every transaction for you making reconciliation faster and easier.

To know more about this amazing feature of QuickBooks Call QuickBooks Support Number.

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