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QuickBooks is accounting software that is used in small, medium and large enterprises. It helps in businesses as well as helps in managing and paying bills, and payroll related functions. While working on QuickBooks, did you ever see “file in use” or other errors that have blocked you for a certain period of time from using your company file in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.

Have you ever seen one of these errors when you tried to open or edit your company files?

  • Company File is in use. Please hold.
    Only Single user at a time is allowed to perform (a task).
  • At the time of second QuickBooks user performing a task one should first finish before second can continue.
  • Sorry, you cannot make changes to this (transaction) now. However, (Second user) is currently performing a task which is getting used in this transaction.
  • If you’re automatic entry of (transactions) gets ignored or skipped because (Second user) is accessing them.

Users should not get panic as their company file is still in good shape.  We will let them know what to do in these situations.

In case, if Your QuickBooks error says another user is performing some task.

Basically, these kinds of error happen when another user is doing something on QuickBooks that can be used by one person at a time, even if the user is using it in a multi-user mode.

In that case, if anyone starts their task as soon as the other user finishes and you already know the users name then you may want to get in touch with that person ask for a heads-up when they are done.

However, if we are assured that another user is not the reason of getting error, we have also some other solutions that we can try to resolve the problem.

In case, if the error consistently refers to a specific user.

If you are sure that the cause of error is a specific person as the user is not actually doing a task in QuickBooks, you can try the steps that are given below:

  1. It will be required to check that the user that’s referred to in the error have close and reopen QuickBooks on their workstation.
  2. You are required to open QuickBooks on another workstation, then choose the Company menu and select Users, then click on View Users.
  3. It will be required to check that have the user that’s referred to in the error sign out of QuickBooks on their workstation.
  4. Click & choose the list of users. In case, if the specific user no longer appears as signed in, that means, you are able to do the task without the error. Anyhow, if the user still appears as signed in, and then please try the solutions below for both “Waiting for Company File” and “error on multiple workstations.”

In case, if your error says “Waiting for company file” or “Company File in Use. You should wait”

This message normally comes when there is a performance issue. Examples includes network Related problems, database related Issues, Conflict of Various programs, and a server or machine that doesn’t meet your system configuration for QuickBooks. Try these articles for help:

In case, if error appears on multiple workstations.

Solution 1 : You can check for multiple host computers from QuickBooks Application and then click on stop Multi user hosting option on all workstations on which QuickBooks is Installed.

Solution 2: You can Open Task manager and from there you can search for QuickBooks Services and from there you can close all QuickBooks related services.

Solution 3: You can Install & Run QuickBooks Tool Hub on your Machine.

Solution 4: Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks Application on your Machine.

If the error persists on only one workstation.

If the error keeps happening on only one user’s workstation, there may be a problem with their QuickBooks application or Windows permissions. Here’s what to do:

Solution 1: Create a new user in QuickBooks Software and run it as an administrator.

Solution 2: Create a new Windows user with admin rights and then run QuickBooks application with Admin User.

If you’ve tried all above Solutions or tasks and you are still stuck where you started from then you don’t need to worry about anything as we have Certified experts available for you 24*7 whom you can reach via toll free number or live chat as per your convenience.

In that scenario, you can get in touch with our QuickBooks Customer Support Experts, they will with you to fix this problem.