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Call QuickBooks Desktop Support to know how to update your EFTPS Internet password?

Today we will discuss how one can update their EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) Internet password with the help of our QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number.

There are internet password guidelines

Users need to follow the instructions on electronic federal tax payment system (EFTPS) website to update their internet. Password:

Note:  Thing to be remembered, before making another e-payment, user does not forget to change it in QuickBooks desktop

User can change their password in QuickBooks Desktop

In case, user uses E-Pay in QuickBooks Desktop, then need to change their password in QuickBooks Desktop in order to match their new EFTPS internet password the next time they make an e-payment.

Users can also check enroll in Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) for more information, if they required.


  1. They can update their QuickBooks to the latest release.
  2. They can also download the latest tax table updates.

If users want to change their password in QuickBooks Desktop while making an e-payment, then they need to follow the steps that are given below:

  1. First, click & select the Pay Liabilities tab with the help of Payroll Center.
  2. Next, click & select the federal liability to e-pay, and select View/Pay by clicking on Pay Taxes & Other Liabilities section
  3. Users can also verify that E-payment is selected, and then select E-pay.
  4. They can also clear the Remember My Information for next Time checkbox.
  5. Type your 4-Digit PIN and new EFTPS Internet password.
  6. Type any other missing information.
  7. After that, select Submit.

However, if next time user make e-payment, they need to re-enter their 4-Digit PIN and EFTPS Internet password, and then select the Remember My Information for next Time option.

Hopefully, our post and the above mentioned points will help you know how to update your EFTPS Internet password. If still you come across any doubt, then contact us at QuickBooks Desktop Support and you can also draft a mail of listed queries or issues you faced or struggling with on our mail id at You can also visit our website at