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How to Set up Multiple Users Access to Your Point of Sale Company File

Here we will discuss how one can set up multiple users with access to your Point-of-Sale company file in QuickBooks Application with the help of QuickBooks Point of Sale Support.

If you wish to add more users to your company file, then you will get to know that there is a server and a client workstation you will get in a multi user mode.

When you will start using server, you will find that the server is ideally the fastest workstation (computer) on your network with Point of Sale installed. It holds the company file and allows multi user access for up to 19 client workstations. Only the server can do the following:

  • Server can create and hold your Point-of-Sale company file.
  • It will help in Back up, restore, and rename the company file.
  • Server can also exchange information with QuickBooks Desktop.
  • It can import data through the Data Import Tool.
  • You can set item and customer ranking preferences through it.
  • Server can (Multi Store) exchange information with other stores.

    If you are not aware with the term workstation, no need to worry, we are here to help you with it. Client workstation means any computer machine on your network with a Point of Sale installed that is not a server, usually it helps in maintaining the cash register of daily transactions.

Users can set up Multi User Mode in Point of Sale.

Important : You need to keep yourself ensure that your workstations meet the System Requirements for Point of Sale. Users need to install QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale on both the server and client workstation(s) before following the steps below. It is required to see for Store Exchange Overview if you are setting up multi-store.

Step 1: Need to set up folder permissions.

  1. You need to use Windows File Explorer to locate your company file folder on your server workstation. Note: The default location for your company file is C: Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of SaleXX\Data.
  2. Right-click your company file folder and select Properties.
  3. Click & select the Sharing tab.
  4. Click & select Advanced Sharing, then select Share this folder.
  5. Click & select Permissions, then Add.
  6. Now, you can enter “QBPOSdbsrvuser” then select OK.
  7. Click & select QBPOSdbsrvuser, then Full Control. Note: Make sure the permission of Everyone and Services user group are set to Full Control.
  8. Click & select Apply, then press OK.

Step 2: Users need to configure the Windows firewall.

If you are in planning to set multiple users with access to your Point-of-Sale company file, you need to follow the steps in this support article to configure the Windows firewall.

Step 3: You can switch the server to Multi User Mode.

Users need to select Switch Company File to Multi User Mode from the file menu option.

Step 4: Need to (Optional) configure the workstation number.

  1. Click & select Preferences, then Workstation.
  2. Click & select General, then enter the workstation number in the Please enter the number for this workstation field.
  3. Click & select Save.

Still, if users come across with any issues, we will request you to please get in touch with our QuickBooks Support Phone Number team for any help.